Zettai Kareshi

Once upon a time, I decided to read some romance mangas since Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun is making me happy. (It’s okay if you don’t understand what I just said, I don’t either) I searched online and yahoo answers, my best friend, was an option! Of course I managed to get some nice manga recommendations out of it. The thing is, MangaStorm the app doesn’t have all mangas and so I was only able to read Kare first love and Zettai Kareshi which I will be doing reviews on!

Zettai Kareshi is about a girl who gets rejected by every boy she confesses to. One day she picks up someone’s phone, and meets up with them to return it. Turns out the owner is a salesman and he tried to sell her lots of items. In the end, our main character Riiko says all she wants is a boyfriend and leaves. The salesman (Gaku) tells her to check out a website and order from it. Riiko does go to the website, and designs a figure t o her liking. The next day, a huge parcel arrives and out comes her Nightly series figure!

The story is quite dramatic (and has that cliche part where Night has to leave) but very cute. Night is so fond of her, he keeps running away to be with her. Too bad there’s the rival, Soushi, who I don’t really like. Anyway, I’ve nothing much to say about this manga because it’s quite short and straightforward (just go read it if you’re bored). The ending is sad though, because Night’s a figure. He dies and tells her to marry Soushi in the end. I like how Night, no matter what, still sticks with Riiko (except when that woman kissed him). He actually literally needs to have sex with her, but is still patient and understanding. He protects her against everyone else and didn’t get seduced by her ex best friend.

This is a short review before I go overseas! Shall add some snapshots of the manga. (Funny ones)

P.S. I just love the chemistry between Night and Riiko. The story is not as cliche as Kare first love but still not as great as TnKK kekeke. Okay, I’m gonna leave for 3 weeks before this post becomes the story in written form (plus my feels). Oh, and sorry about the messiness of this post! He pictures didn’t upload properly at first…