Zetsuen no Tempest

I accidentally deleted the first one (again) *sigh* so I’m gonna have to redo this review.

This show is really awesome. ‘Nuff said. The first anime that introduced me to PAWS (post-anime withdrawal syndrome). You should really go and watch it.

Yoshino Takigawa. Not a big fan of his hairstyle, but his imagination is pretty wild… And his nonchalant indifferent attitude can really crack me up some times.

Fuwa Mahiro. He’s the reason I started watching this in the first place. He’s ultra badass. Too bad he’s so attracted to his own sister, which is really weird if you ask me. Honestly I think it’s his yellow hair and red eyes? I totally have a fetish for yellow/red facial features. I don’t want to bother to rewrite the 18 lines I originally did again. (What if I delete this again?)

Hakaze Kusaribe. I really adore her. She’s amazing and pretty and upfront with her feelings. Hope Yoshino returns them, like now.


Fuwa Aika. I really hated her at the beginning, with her self righteous-ness and criticising Yoshino so terribly. Then I watched the end and realised how cool she was with her Exodus sword and such. They’re all an amazing bunch of princesses, to say the least.

Megumu Hanemura. He’s really derpy. But probably also the smartest of the bunch (guessing that aika was yoshino’s girlfriend). Too bad he wastes his life clinging on to his terrible girlfriend who dumped him. That girl deserves to be punished, and most likely was by the tree of Exodus. I just wish he hadn’t given up so easily at the end, you should have fought on Megumu!!

Samon Kusaribe. He has that loser face. From the start, we all knew he wouldn’t be the main bad guy, he’s just a rather useless side character. When he got owned by Yoshino, it was just plain epic. Oh, not to mention, he looks exactly like Pandora Hearts’ Rufus Barma. Let me prove it to you.


Natsumura Kusaribe. (Excuse me if I spelt wrongly) He is nothing special in the show, but definitely would look good with Evangeline. They kind of match. Evangeline’s the wild one and he’s the clear-headed one who controls her craziness. I am not particularly impressed with his skills or anything so moving on, (he kind of reminds me of Kuroh Yatogami in K…

Evangeline Yamamoto. She’s a pretty fabulous character, what with her Fraulein and outfit. I can’t decide between pairing her up with Junichirou or Natsumura. Someone help me!(◎_◎;)


Junichirou Hoshimura. Every show needs a pervert and he fits into that category. At first glance, you’d think he’s an innocent child

then he’d suddenly start talking about his porno collection or boobs. Yep. Totally innocent.

Tetsuma Kusaribe. I like him, he’s cool. (Hint: yellow eyes) He doesn’t do anything but drive everyone around so excuse the one-liner paragraph for him…

I think I covered all the characters already. The rating I’d give is 5/5. Or 4.9. It is that good. But I won’t really put it in comedy, I mean, there is some, but.. You get the point. Anyway, if you like chocolate and s’mores, go and watch it, like now. I’ll even give you a link! I never lie. I don’t want to spoil it too much for you!


P.S. The manga can only be bought from chapter 27 onwards. I can only find raws online.