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I’m so content with the ending! Do you know how sad I would be if only Tamaki got Haruhi?! I think I really love this manga!! At least Hikaru and Kaoru get to be with her too~ And Mori and Hani senpais too!!! Wheeee~ *fangirl side unleashed*

So happy they didn’t split up and ALL went abroad together!!! Hatori Bisco you rock!!!! (And you secretly support Hikaru x Haruhi right? Kekeke…)


P.S. Oh man suffering from PAWS (post anime withdrawal syndrome) plus I can’t start a new one thanks to exams!! /cries/


Ouran Highschool Host Club

I feel like blogging about this one so deal with it. I know it’s really old and all but I recently started rewatching it (kind of because I stopped halfway long time ago). So, the story of why I rewatched this. *clears throat* I was watching Deadman Wonderland (on episode 8 if you’re that interested O_o) and it’s really creepy okay. I think they incorporated parts of Saw into this (freaky much), so I wanted to see whether this anime is considered freaky by people and went to search freaky animes on google. Just ‘freaky animes’. And this person said something about some mangas, so I researched them, went to images and got quite a shock. You see, I’m a christian so I don’t watch horror movies (I’ve never watched one before) and the pictures were just so disturbing. The mangas were by the same author and one’s about spirals(?) and the other’s about a regenerating woman? But anyway, the mistake I made was searching for it at night.

Searching for freaky animes at night.

I was in hot soup alright. So, in order to get rid of my temporary fear, I wanted to watch a funny, lighthearted anime. And ouran came to mind. So moving on to the show,

I give it a 4/5. I’m very harsh with ratings (especially on people kekeke…) so this is considered quite good. I really like the characters, mainly the twins, and the show is really very hilarious. Some shows you do that fake laugh but this one is straight out pfft you bahaha stu ahaha pid moron hahahahha. The thing is, I really want the anime to include some stuff in the manga like more hikaru x haruhi moments. I completely don’t ship Tamaki x Haruhi, it’s one of the reasons I stopped watching… I feel like Hikaru kind of deserves her more, and didn’t ever FAMILYZONE her hahaahaha. When Tamaki (in the manga) was like ‘if I don’t love her as a daughter then why do I have a soft spot for her in my heart?’ I wanted to cry laughing. He is really an idiot. Everyone else was just like, you know those lines, that you can’t express in words. My most favourite part was when he kissed her forehead and was like ‘I’m your father so it’s okay’ XD

Enough about Tamaki, let’s get on to the other characters. I love Haruhi because she isn’t like all the other girls who will blush from the beginning, and that she really is study orientated not a fake nerd that actually likes every single guy that appears (ie wattpad girlss -.-) I also like the fact that in the anime, they don’t realise their love so Haruhi is just really cool and can control the guys. Don’t you? I’m slightly feministic so I just love it when girls don’t fall to boys’ feet like some useless trash. Not directing to the other ouran girls at all. (After all, if I were them, I wouldn’t be able to resist the brotherly love either! That’s right, not Tamaki, but the twins XD) oh and let’s not forget the ootoro. Her naivety and innocence is just so irresistably adorable!!!

Now let’s talk about the twins. I’m telling you, I like them so much because they resemble Akashi a lot. The vertical pupils, red hair (or at least a shade of it) and intimidating aura. Except that they have a cheeky side too so that’s totally cool. So I’m really sad for Hikaru about his loss, but at the same time I’m glad because he’s single. But then I get upset that he may marry some other woman. It’s really indescribable. Maybe it’s ‘cuz I can sympathise with his broken heart?

20130918-211504.jpgTHE Haruhi x twins FEELS!!! So sad 😥 Episode 3 (i think) the cookie scene was what set me off. Had they not done that, I would forever have viewed them as the twincest twins. As a side note, I’m still angry at Tamaki for making Haruhi wear a hoodie thing over her swimsuit in a particular episode!!

Kyouya. The boss. The scary smart money faced boss. Or should I say mafia boss.. Don’t believe me? Think again Either way, I’m not a big fan of his because he ‘only does stuff for merits’ which means that if he talks to you, you should be worried and start keeping a 200m distance from him. Or have your family name used. Whatever floats your boat.

Honey-senpai and Mori-senpai. (Seriously it feels weird not typing senpai) I like how Mori-senpai is so clear headed and never complains, and also that he carried Haruhi in said swimsuit episode. He’s really funny too, like how he only does stuff to follow Honey-senpai. And to even think he treats Honey-senpai like that! Haha! Honey-senpai on the other hand is really very adorable. I found him kind of annoying at first but it’s really funny how he joined the host club; considering cake eating his heart’s desire.

I actually made this blog solely to express my views about this anime/manga but now I can’t remember anything else I wanted to write about.

Good night already!
~akashi’s neko

P.S. Just to prove my point that ouran is hilarious, click here.