Tonari no kaibutsu-kun

This is one adorable awesome romance anime. If you’re looking for a super light hearted comedy too, TnKK will definitely do. I love all the characters and for once, I actually support the two mains.

Shizuku. Shizuku’s a smart girl but not as genius as Haru. She’s straightforward and cute; veryyy straightforward.

20131008-134312.jpg One reason I love this show is because of her personality. This was only episode 2!!! Shizuku has a younger brother too, who she completely loves. And vice versa. Their relationship is great. She’s also rather emotionless, which must be what makes her so loveable. I can never stand those who make a big deal out of nothing (the reason I dislike romances) so this anime and Ouran is ideal. The only problem is that she literally doesn’t care for anyone except Haru.

20131008-134622.jpg No, Shizuku. You’re the one with no feelings.

Haru. He’s secretly from some rich family and got thrown out. The typical rich boy x normal girl. Soon enough he’s gonna be forced to go home and get a fiancee and there’ll be loads of drama. I’m really not looking forward to it… Haru is shy too, and he is completely upfront with his feelings. Completely. Even more so than Straightforward Shizuku.

20131008-134853.jpg This was 13 minutes into episode 1 including OP time.

20131008-134927.jpg This was 5 seconds later. I know what y’all thinking, quick escalation. Haru is actually very popular with the girls, though those bimbos are quick to leave him the moment he gets into a fight. They’re all just shallow freaks who’ll fawn over any good looking guy. I actually didn’t expect Haru’s seiyuu to be him because for some reason, it’s different from the voice I allocated him in my head. Maybe just to warn you of his crazy actions, he has a pet rooster. Yes, a rooster. Why? He found it. And built a coop for it. All of this, in school. He’s totally normal, trust me. He likes playing with lead too! Isn’t that cute?


Natsume. She’s my ideal type of girl (if I were a guy). Natsume is cute, and a computer nerd. You probably didn’t see that coming hurhur. She gets 42 confessions in 5 days for obvious reasons, and also loses all her friends in that time length. I love Natsume because she rejects them quick and easily and doesn’t 1) play with their feelings 2) flirt around. She also hates boys because they are the reason she has no friends. I just like her because of her hatred for boys. Must be the first time I see a cute anime girl like that!

20131008-135514.jpg She’s also the first few anime girls I’ve seen who are super pretty and have wavy hair. I really like that touch. Wavy hair for the win!! The only problem is that she’s convinced every single guy likes her (which is the case 99% of the time) including Haru. But Haru is extremely loyal and will only love Shizuku!!! In the end(?) Sasayan also fell in love with Natsume so I think she should accept his feelings. Never mind that I felt sad when she got rejected for the first time by Mi-chan-san.

Sasayan. He’s like the popular, okay-ish guy that no one hates or particularly likes. To be honest his hair kind of irks me. He is the perfect example of ‘dicks before chicks’ and would forever choose his bros over Natsume. Harsh, but true. I like how he talks to Haru and Shizuku even though they’re unpopular. In fact, he was like the first person to associate himself with them. I applaud him for that.

Yamaken. I don’t like him one bit. He should really stop coming in between my OTP. Shizuku will never choose him and that is a fact. Yamaken should have just left after confessing. He’s only keeping the two lovebirds away from each other. I was also kinda upset when Shizuku said she liked Yamaken more than everyone would expect because I think she should just be honest and say she would still choose Haru. Please don’t create more drama and just get together already! The only part about Yamaken that I don’t absolutely hate is that he treats Iyo like poop. It’s actually really amusing. Yamaken can never win over Shizuku because his Haru-ness is completely nonexistent.

20131008-141736.jpg He couldn’t even say that!

Iyo. I don’t like her because she dared to go near Haru when he was asleep! That witch!! I can’t believe she tried to pull a fast one when no one was watching! How terrible!

20131008-140450.jpg All I can say is, THANK GOODNESS she’s related to Yamaken, I wouldn’t be able to take it if she even went near Haru again.

Ooshima. I actually quite like her because she reminds us all of ourselves. The only one who doesn’t get back their romance and actually acts like a human. Somehow I feel she’s more relatable for all of us. She’s also a great friend and doesn’t wanna ruin the relationship between Shizuku and Haru just for herself. Much unlike someone. The girl is also really funny I mean, you don’t just ask someone if they have balls. Pffft.

20131008-140916.jpg I couldn’t screenshot every second but Shizuku was like ‘Don’t ask me!’ The reason he even said that was because of his crazy weird actions in episode 1. He suddenly stripped naked thinking something wrong because Shizuku said she was going to the gym. Please don’t ask me what goes through his head. Beats me anyway. Back to Ooshima, she got her heart broken tons of times. Her face when she realised Haru held no romantic feelings for her was priceless.

20131008-141133.jpg Sorry, Ooshima. I’m so mean! /sob/

I don’t think there’s anything else I have to say about the other characters. I’ll just say that this is my favourite romance forever because who wouldn’t love the two mains! They are just too cute together!

20131008-141406.jpg Just remember, if you ever start hating Haru,

20131008-141835.jpg This cute face. It even wavered Emotionless Shizuku!

TnKK is a very unique (in a good way) anime/manga. It is in no way cliche like every other romance anime. Even Kaichou wa Maid sama had that cliche ending where Usui had to go back but in TnKK, there’s no drama revolving that. I was so glad when it was only 2 chapters regarding Haru leaving and there was no ‘Catch me if you can’ at the airport. I really love this manga. I read a couple of other mangas and it takes cliche to the original level haha. The friend causing trouble, not wholeheartedly dating the second guy, the going back somewhere and the not explaining things to each other properly!!! Will do reviews on them for sure. I can’t describe how great and refreshing TnKK is, especially when you want a romance manga that can really separate itself from the rest. I’m already recommending it to all my friends. You’re welcome, “Robico”.

The link to all the funny moments is here. Please laugh or I’ll feel awkward.

P.S. kuroko no basket 2 has come out. Rejoice with me. Should I hold a party..?


Kuroshitsuji episode 11 & 12

This is the continuation of creepy guy and master. The beginning was funny because of Pluto. He was sent away by Sebastian

20131001-125637.jpg who hoped he would be of use to Ciel. Suddenly a dog appeared, and so did Greil! Ugh. That homo. Pluto went into heat because of the dog (horny dawg..) and that’s what attracted Greil. When Pluto seemed to be attempting to assault Greil, the crazy reaper was all

20131001-125828.jpg Crazy. He even said Ciel steals all the good men; Sebastian, then Pluto. Anyway, Pluto was running past Greil not to attack him, but because he was running towards the doll house that Lizzy had entered previously. The dollhouse had so many dolls (that was creepy enough) and they looked exactly like the kidnapped girls. I wanted to stop watching already, but I thought ‘No. What if I wanna write a horror story? This would be a great reference’. They should have just made Kuroshitsuji a horror movie with three episodes. 10, 11, 12 and possibly 13. I’m sure my point got across keke…

In the dollhouse, (I’m talking about Lizzy’s experience) Creepy Guy was there. When he said ‘the best present for your loved one’, I already knew he would say ‘would be yourself’. How predictable. I knew that Lizzy would be made into a doll too! Not scary at all!

When Ciel arrived in it, the Lizzy doll was already on display. Like I said, still not scary at all! So the threesome entered the door somewhere in the shop. Ciel knew that he couldn’t possibly survive on his own or with Pluto, so he told Greil to protect him, on the condition that he would grant him any wish. Greil was all ‘I’m not a cheap woman who would be swayed by money’ until Ciel said he’d let him do anything he wants with Sebastian for a day.

20131001-130720.jpg Not a cheap woman at all. (Wait what, woman?!) When they entered the mansion, they were greeted with creepy doll #1. When Greil wanted to slash her, Ciel was like ‘No don’t!’ but as it turns out, it was just a doll so there’s nothing to worry about. Then suddenly Creepy Guy appears and sings Creepy My fair lady Song and brings out Creepy Dolls. They were made of iron and when Greil went to kill them, Ciel was like ‘No don’t!’ again. They were really just dolls. But Greil was unable to slash them because scissors against iron is like me against anyone. So Ciel, being the noble man that he is, decided to leave Greil and Pluto to ‘play’ with the dolls and go find Lizzy on his own.

On his way there, weird stuff happened and he ended up in Creepy Room with his print thing on the floor. I don’t really get it, but I’ll find out more soon enough. Then Sebastian appears in the window and brings Ciel away from harm’s reach. Ciel slaps him saying that the whole point was to rescue Lizzy not him, but Sebastian said his contract was more important, and also,

20131001-131735.jpg They reasoned (haha quoting Creepy Guy) that the only place left to search for Lizzy was the Sealed tower. They happened to meet Greil and Pluto there too. Since Pluto’s a demon dog, he was able to open the ‘unearthly’ door. In there, they did find Lizzy, but Creepy Guy suddenly unleashed his puppet strings ability and started making Lizzy try to kill Ciel. But thanks to Greil’s scissors, the strings were cut. When he was about to do so, Ciel was all ‘No, don’t!’ but Lizzy was not harmed at all. Ciel, will you just calm yo tits? Sebastian just explained that Greil was gunna cut ’em strings. Creepy Guy ties them all up with his strings and started saying that he would make Ciel a doll too. (Oh man I just forgot what he actually said) So Sebastian finds it suitable to ask Creepy Guy (I’m just gonna start calling him CG okay, it’s so long to type) what he’s made of. CG says that he thought he was human, but recently termites have been falling out of his ear. Dude, are you serious? Humans can’t even turn their head more than 90 degrees. And they don’t creak either. Sebastian, being the only useful one there, uses his leg to kick the weapon that Lizzy used just now (is it bad that I don’t know what it’s actually called?) and knocks CG down. The strings disappeared, and Sebastian properly kills CG.

20131001-132516.jpg And just when I thought he couldn’t be any creepier! But somehow, I’m starting to like him more. It may be the way he keeps saying ‘I reasoned’ or it could just be the seiyuu. Or maybe because he dOESN’T TURN HIS HEAD 360 DEGRESS ANYMORE. He also somehow reminds me of Akashi… I don’t really know, but besides the owl and doll thing, Drossel Keinz is starting to appeal to me. Why couldn’t he live a lil’ longer or be taken into the Phantomhive mansion??

After the whole fight, this suddenly happened

20131001-133954.jpg but I forgot the actual reason. Just wanted you to be freaked out with Greil.

CG suddenly stands back up, and with all the stuffing dropping out, decides that he needs to report to his master. He basically just led them all to his master. Pluto was at the master’s seat, licking his finger. then the master starts talking, and says that he didn’t know why CG wanted to make Ciel a doll, since he was ‘unclean, unwanted and barren’. Ciel obviously gets angry and throws that wretched ring at the master’s chair. The master suddenly started repeating himself a lot, which made Ciel shout ‘STOP IT!’. The voice becomes like a toy’s; the creepy sort, and Ciel runs to discover the master’s identity. The cliched shocked face moment appears, and everyone else also gets shocked. Then the camera reveals that the master was really just a sort of scarecrow, and that a creepy wooden doll/nutcracker clown thing was lying in its lap. I honestly wasn’t expecting it, but the clown suddenly went all horror freak show which scared everyone including me and Greil. The ‘cheap woman’ took the opportunity to grab Sebastian’s shoulders and hide behind him. I thought the episode was frightful enough, and this HAD to happen.

In the end, everyone was celebrating Ciel’s birthday in his mansion. He found the wretched ring in his pudding, and Sebastian claimed that it would bring his happiness. Annoying Elizabeth became all ‘KYAAA~ you’ll have eternal happiness!!’ and I really wanted to smash her face in. How does Ciel bear with her selfish stupidity? Lizzy in the beginning even asked Paula how she could always be so happy, jingling away (she didn’t even pay for it, I don’t know how she got away with that. Hope she teaches me. The art of grabbing things to show someone else then leaving to follow that person without paying. Brilliant.) Lizzy is the exact replica of an annoying brat that you want to be the antagonist so that she’ll die in the end. She acts so happy-but-sad. I hate that. If you’re sad stop trying to be like ‘I’m just gonna hide my sadness and force a fake smile’. Like those whores on tumblr and twitter. Paula probably has her own fair share of sad stuff but she doesn’t ruin other people’s moods by wallowing in self-pity like a certain brat. I already said that I’m starting to like Paula haven’t I? Well, she’s really cute and so is her obsession with the stolen tambourines. Lizzy would be like ‘Paula! The bells!’ And

20131001-153128.jpg How amicable! Turns out that Angela’s the evil one. I never liked her from the start anyway. She isn’t even beautiful and just resembles an old ghost. She also kind of played with Finny’s feelings, and worse of all pleasured herself with Pluto. That scene was gross, like seriously. There were actually a lot of clues that made it somewhat obvious that Angela’s evil. In episode 7, she got whipped by Henry Barrymore but then he was seen bowing down to her and all that. In episode 8 too, she said that she would definitely see them all again soon. In this episode, she finally revealed her true side.

20131001-153217.jpg We should have known!! Why else would Pluto be licking the ‘master’s’ hand?!

As a concluding note, Kuroshitsuji is an awesome anime, and I don’t want to do any more episode reviews for it. I have too many opinions. In this show, there’s no such thing as logic. English or Indian, they all speak Japanese. Isn’t that wonderful? They must all be so united.

P.S. I think the reason I’m starting to like CG is because of his lips! Aha! Don’t look at me like that, now. It’s not like I’m weird or anything.
P.P.S. Why does CG have a name? That’s just plain weird. And when I searched ‘creepy guy kuroshitsuji’, he was one of the results!! Pfft.

Kuroshitsuji episode 9

Episode 9 was downright hilarious. Every series needs a lighthearted comedic scene and this was Kuroshitsuji’s.

It started off with Ciel discovering an old camera. Apparently the camera would transpose the most precious thing to the person who’s picture was taken into the photo. Ciel sent for the 3 servants and tested it out on Finny. Guess what came up? A bird. That Finny had ‘killed’ when he wanted to pet it. Finny’s such an animal inclined sweetie. At first I thought he was a girl O_O So Ciel ordered them to take a photo of Sebastian and they were all like ‘Yes, my lord!’ in the manner Sebastian does. Laughed like a maniac.

So obviously it was really funny because they were chasing Sebastian around the house, and forgetting to actually take the picture… Sebastian somehow knew just by looking at Ciel’s sheep and soldier pieces (that guy is no fun…) Sebastian then ordered the 3 servants to take Pluto away so as not to upset the guest (or is it scar the guest’s eyes..?), and they couldn’t get it done because they are so useful. This episode is where Finny showed his ‘abnormal strength’ that I wouldn’t have even realised had I not read it on the wikia AKA wispoiler.

Since the 3 servants didn’t manage to take Pluto away, he went to sleep outside the mansion. That was when Sebastian spotted a cat, and started caressing it. How cute! Pluto got jealous and

20131001-113935.jpg this happened. Sebastian says he hates dogs, I don’t think Pluto’s an exception.

Since the useful 3 servants couldn’t get a picture of Sebastian, Lau came in to help. After being so all-knowing…

20131001-114221.jpg All knowing indeed… Anyway, what he did was get his girl (the one he’s always with) to sit on the staircase and be all sexy. In the end, only the guest enjoyed the ‘show’. It was so funny, because the girl’s face was sooo expressive, and she was doing all sorts of weird, uncomfortable poses. On the staircase. Nearly died laughing.

After that, the guest had a meeting with Tanaka as a replacement for Ciel and Sebastian spewed lots of random plans that the Phantomhives are gonna have trouble fulfilling.

Ciel and Finny carry out their last resort, and Sebastian comes to save him. Meanwhile telling Ciel that he should’ve just asked him because he would do anything that he orders. Yay, Sebastian just made the 3 servants waste a day of their life doing nothing. And this lovely scene occurred…

20131001-114921.jpg After all this, the 3 servants go to a room to look at the photo they took of Sebastian during the celebration(?) Too bad though, because just when the picture was starting to form, Pluto came in and blew fire at them. That sucks. Sebastian’s just using you, you dawg!

In the end, Sebastian spots Ciel sleeping in his chair and takes a picture of him. Pluto happened to be outside clinging onto the window too, so he was taken too. Somehow the 3 servants got this photo, and were trying to decipher who’s important to who. (Guys, that picture wasn’t even taken with the special camera) They were obviously very confused because Sebastian was ‘transposed’ (or so they thought) into the picture, but he’s obviously alive. Then they decided to ignore that, and played with Pluto. Well, not exactly, more like get burnt by Pluto.


Kuroshitsuji episode 10

I’m not sure if it’s episode 10. Free video doesn’t really show and I forgot which one it was. This episode was the one where everyone was searching for the Shard of Hope.

Lau is really epic (fail). He acts so knowledgable about everything but in reality he has no idea what’s actually happening. Ciel had a lot of WTF moments too; it’s so nice to see him show more expressions. Sebastian seemed really harsh in this one. I can’t believe he called Ciel frail and a burden. But I still think Ciel basically makes him do EVERYTHING. From saving his life, to cooking immense amounts of food, to becoming a magician, to risking his own life, and best of all, to sculpting ice.

Why I even wrote this post was because I was being insanely creeped out. That’s the only reason I put this under horror. You know in the beginning, when Elizabeth (Ciel’s annoying fiancee) was shopping for a present for Ciel, this creepy guy walked past them. He’s obviously the same person who killed Tim (the thief) in the beginning. Speaking of which, I still don’t know how he died. What did those spiderweb-like strings do? I know I keep saying I hate bloody scenes, but I’m a curious cat who wants to know everything. Not to mention getting creeped out in the meantime. Okay, so the creepy guy turned around to look at Paula (I’m starting to like her, jingle jingle!). His head turned 360 degrees. IT TURNED COMPLETELY. I’d insert a picture right now but then I won’t be able to sleep tonight. I think I suffer from 360degreeheadturningaphobia. Even in Toy Story 3 when creepy Baby did that, I got scared. Can you get any creepier than that? There’s a reason I’m not particularly fond of owls. My mood right now, CREEPED OUT! In the end creepy guy started acting like a wooden doll, creaking as he bowed down to his master.

Have I mentioned his appearance? He has purple eyes and ginger hair I think. My memory is failing me. Never mind that I just watched it 5 minutes ago. At least now I know why purple eyes don’t appeal to me. *shiver*

I’m not going to do a summary because there are so many out there and as I’ve said before, I’ve forgotten everything already.


Deadman wonderland

Honestly I don’t really like this show. It’s very warped, creepy and gorey. (After all, it’s about the manipulation of blood…) The storyline is kind of interesting but the characters annoy me sometimes. And it’s so disgusting, because the directors are all ruthless and gross.

Ganta Igarashi. This boy rubs me the wrong way. I can’t stand the way he keeps acting like he’s an amazing hero. But at least he doesn’t do psychotic things like Minatsuki… Anyway, Ganta bites his thumb for blood. Ouch. I really can’t stand that sort of things, because I would never be able to bite my skin off. Plain gross. I understand he does it to survive, but, ouch, really.

Shiro. I don’t like how she is the red man. It’s really sad and I wish I could go into the story and save her from Ganta’s mother… So saddening, if you read it you’ll wanna cry for her. She doesn’t deserve to be tortured! She’s just an innocent child… And in chapter 45.2 she makes you wanna cry a river because


Shiro’s arm dropped off… Her helpless face really touches my heart. Why did she have to bear with this?! This show is messed up.

Senji Kiyomasa. He’s not bad for a deadman, considering that he can stand up against Toto.

Minatsuki. Ah, my favourite character. Am I the only one who finds her really pretty? Ever since her hair got cut, it seems like her crazy personality decreased a little. I mean, at least she doesn’t announce to the world that she wants to have sex.. O_o I pair her up with Senji because do you see how flustered he gets from her boobs? Go ahead, laugh.

Sukegawa. The homo.. His boyfriend cheated on him, which is how he ended up in DW. Another warped up story for you.. And nudity. Yucks.

Igarashi Sorae. This woman is the dog who created deadman and caused such misery to Shiro. So what if she apologises to Shiro? Will that change the fact that she was ruthlessly torturing her, for experimental purposes?

20130930-153005.jpg If you don’t already hate her, you’re twisted too then.

Hagire. The creepy director. The main antagonist that we all want to kill, but Ganta does that for us. I can’t believe he took Toto’s body, how unfair. In episode 7 though, when he licked Senji, it was hilarious.

20130930-153307.jpg In terms of yaoi, I ship them haha.

Toto Sakigami. He’s so attractive. (Hint: yellow eyes) Too bad that director took over his body. His obsession with Yosuga is lovely too. I mean, that gave us a chance to look at his sexy torso, no?

Takami. The promoter. I think he’s the worse, even worse than the director. He went bowling with that old man’s head! Who does that? I thought I saw wrongly but noo, it was a fact. That’s plain sadistic. And the part when his nurse just grabbed out Senji’s eye? Gross. I thought this show was bad enough, then I saw that. And it was only the second episode!

Madoka Shishito. I really wish I could save him in his past. It’s ridiculous. What sort of twisted kids would play othello using thumbtacks on someone’s back? Oh that’s right, unless it’s a DW character.

20130930-161129.jpg It’s just so sad. I wish I could have been there to save Madoka. Why are all these people having to suffer? Why? And it resulted in him becoming a murderer.



20130930-161240.jpg This chapter really made my heart clench. Are there actually people out there being bullied like this? And the poor Madoka, he’s so sad to even have to kill Ganta. It’s because of those bullies that he even believes such lies.

20130930-161758.jpg He really just wants people to be happy. To the point that he would make himself feel agony. (In the end he said ‘Thank you Ganta for your unhappiness. May have saved the world a little… I guess’) Poor guy…

So I think that if you’re the sort of person who likes gore and creepy dark stories, you’ll enjoy this manga. The show doesn’t really have so much of that ‘ew’ factor in it, but more of a ‘GANTA STOP OPENING YOUR EYES SO WIDE AND BE USEFUL!’ Even the choras box was made out of Shiro’s flesh. Could it get any worse than that? What the **** is wrong with all these people? How did they even obtain her flesh?! That’s what your probably thinking right? Well, let me show you the answer.

20130930-155402.jpg And they placed poor Shiro on a cross. These @!?$?#&£!!! This manga is really sad; the kind of sadness you feel when you see people getting tortured. (Since in this manga, that’s what’s happening..)

Please listen to my advice and don’t watch this unless you’re ready to look like

20130930-162334.jpg this throughout.

P.S. I didn’t cry at all, just horrified. So you aren’t gonna need Kleenex

Best apps/websites to watch anime & read manga

Excuse the ridiculously long title because I assure you, this post will definitely increase your anime time hehe. I’m gonna be introducing my favourite (and best) websites or apps to watch/download/read anime or manga for free. *Note: every mobile thing is for iPhone only, after all, if you have an android, you can just download straight away.

Actually, if you’re using a computer, basically any site would work. But my preferences lie on anime44. It is simple enough, has a rather extensive list of shows, and doesn’t take years to load. I can’t remember very well, but I think this one isn’t a megavideo so you aren’t limited to only 72 hours of show (which may be good when this addiction gets out of hand..). Also, other websites like gogoanime or something have a ton of ads (very indecent ones in fact) and has a black background which is really frustrating for the eyes. I used to use animecrazy (once again like 3 years ago) but it shut down. I have no idea why; it was like the best website. Anime44 also doesn’t take forever to load, but I still suggest you open up hundreds of links to let it buffer. Save yourself the frustration. Honestly, I can’t really remember since I just use my phone now. If I’m wrong, sorry~

If you’re using your handphone, I highly suggest animebox. This website is da bomb. Although it takes quite a while to load, it doesn’t do any funky things. It doesn’t require flash either (obviously or it can’t be used with phones). You can either search and just click on the link. Or you could just type in and search your anime title in the search box. It basically has every anime so don’t worry about that!! The format is straightforward and simple too, and very few ads. Just one at the side if I’m not wrong… However, I wouldn’t suggest you use this website with a computer because the shows take a little while to load, which is kinda annoying. There are better websites for computer. On the phone, this thing is not so bad because at least you don’t have to wait forever which happened to me on some other mobile site. The only problem is that the buffering is kinda strange. Sometimes it doesn’t load, then if you skip a section, the entire thing loads. I can’t really describe it but you get the point I hope. And you have to be on the link while the show loads. Or you’ll just have to refresh and wait again. That really sucks. So I’d rate this website 4.5/5 because everything is great except the loading and waiting and buffering time. But that’s only for mobile okay!!

Apps. (iPhone only)
Anime hd. This is probably the best free app around. There are others (which I’ll cover later), but this one ensures hd like the name says. There is a download and watch online feature, but I usually just watch online. There isn’t background downloading though and who would wanna stay on the same app doing nothing.. This app has its limitations though; limited anime titles, and you’re only allowed to watch five episodes for free. The thing is, once you finish watching five episodes, you can just delete and redownload the app teehee. This way, you get unlimited watches if you don’t mind downloading and deleting like 5 times for a 25 episode show. The app loads super well too, so don’t worry about buffering and all that. It’s like animebox, just without all the waiting time. I’d give this app a 3/5, because there aren’t that many shows. READ BELOW.

Anime world. This is another good app, but I’d only give it a 2/5. It’s not hd, is kind of hard to navigate and get used to, waiting time is quite long, hangs alot. The good thing is that it has quite alot of anime to select from. Too bad it has that 5 episode rule too. I won’t recommend this at all.

Crunchyroll. I don’t even understand why people use this crappy app. There are basically like 15 shows only, and the shows aren’t even nice. It’s ridiculous. Go download it and see for yourself.

Free video. It’s just called free video and looks like

20130929-131545.jpg this. I don’t know if it’s still free for a limited time or whatever, but you can download it for free. There are a lot of ads; every time you open it one will pop up, but it’s to try and persuade you to buy the premium. The free is easy enough to use, and you just need to play your video and click download. For example, if you’re gonna download something from animebox, then you just need to click the play button, wait for it to play, and once it does, a download button will pop up. Click it and you’re down!! I’d take a screenshot but at the moment I have nothing to download. There are limited downloads apparently, but I don’t know the limit ‘cuz I just delete the download once I’ve watched it. The whole thing is very easy to navigate, and you can even use it as a second browser hehe. I’d give it a 5/5 because it’s amazing, has background downloading, free, and I don’t really care about ads unless it’s some weird naked woman picture. That’s just plain disturbing. You can download ANY video you want. Serious. Oh, and downloading videos obviously mean you can watch them offline. Even if your 3G or LTE is on, it won’t use your data. I only recommend this app if you suffer from 2GB data like me. If not, you can just watch it online whenever you want. You don’t even need to download. Go have fun now!! (・ω・)ノ

Of course there are many other apps, but as I’ve already said, I’m only covering the free ones. On top of that, Singapore has limited anime apps. I heard there are others like netflix and this other one I forgot the name of, but they aren’t available in the sg store. My father has a US account but I wouldn’t want to bother him.

Manga reading apps:
Websites are obvious, so you can just go find one yourself.
Manga storm. It’s on the picture above. I like it even though you’re only allowed to save 3 mangas at a time. Some people find the limited selection of mangas a problem, but I don’t care. This app doesn’t have a download feature (which I don’t mind because downloading takes F O R E V E R anyway) but it’s super simple to use, and loads quickly. I can’t stand it when a page takes forever to load, and ends up being unviewable -__- (if that’s even a word..) I’d rate it a 4/5 because some of my favourite mangas aren’t inside. The ‘check now’ is pretty effective, and that means I get earlier updates on KnB teehee. It usually takes really long, so what I do is press check now, stay for 2 seconds, go back to home then click on it again. Done! You won’t even have to wait forever for it to check now. I don’t even know if this is a cheat or what but it works for me!

Manga meow. Picture above again. I’m not a big fan of this app and I only downloaded it because I love cats. It can download, but not background-ly so I don’t use that feature at all. The mangas take a long time to load, and the app keeps crashing! Also, it’s kind of strange at first if you’re used to manga storm, since everything is pretty much different. The good point is that it has basically every manga, so I use this app for mangas that are not in storm. It has the same 3 manga rule though, and that sucks… I have to keep deleting mangas from my favourites list.

There are many other manga apps out there, but these were like the first few options, and I’m too lazy to search so much so yeah!! Whatever suits your taste.

I forgot this important app at first!
If you’re a hardcore anime fan like all of us, I’m sure you have your favourite OSTs, openings and endings. And you probably can’t find 99% of them in iTunes. Well, I’m here to save you people in despair!

I tried a couple of other apps (that’s a lie, A LIE! I am that content with this app) and I found this one to be the best. I am not joking when I say they have virtually every song. Suoh mikoto OST? Check. Perseus by yamazaru? Check. The only thing is that sometimes the singer’s name is in Japanese so you’ll have to find out their name in Kanji. For example, truth by 嵐 (arashi). You can’t just search the english only. Oh but that’s not really a problem because the iPhone Japanese keyboard does everything. As long as you know the romanji(?) name you’ll be fine. As a side note, they have Euterpe by Egoist!! That song is pretty much fake ‘cuz Egoist doesn’t exist. (Any guilty crown fans here? I’m not…)
Oh my, I just realised I forgot to tell you all the app name! It is Free Music FM~ a blue quaver with blue background! They recently changed the format. Now, the whole thing is not preferable by me, (I hate updating now T~T) and they don’t put the lyrics on your lock screen anymore. (Not like I actually read them, I can’t read Japanese!) The language now is English, for your info. Anyway, this was ridiculously messy, and I hope you even understand this section. Go download this app now! Shoo!!

Okay, that’s all for now. Hope I helped your anime and manga frustrations! I’m not gonna do a review yet even though I really wanna T^T


*EDIT: manga storm does have a download feature.

UPDATE: Anime HD has been deleted. Sucks right? I think I was the last person to download it and when I went in everything said ‘Anime HD steals videos from’. I was like Ugh stupid app and deleted it. Then I realised: Wait, does that mean the app is unusable?! So I went to the App Store and boom, gone. Anime HD has died and so has my backup anime app…

Well so me being me, I went to check out Kissanime and it’s pretty good. Okay. Another website to consider. Works well for handphone and doesn’t take long to load. Sounds better than AnimeBox eh? Well I guess that’s the truth. But since I’m loyal I’m still gonna keep animebox up there. Even though it doesn’t have baka to test. I’m actually quite sad. Anime HD was really HD.. And for a period of time animebox disappeared too. Hope that never happens again. But oh well, I might become a kissanime convert as long as it doesn’t keep stopping but not bufferig. Enough of my ramblings! Just note that Anime HD is gone and that KissAnime is another website that works well for mobile users. (It has a HD option too..)


I love Karneval. ‘Nuff said. The anime stopped so I’m reading the manga now. I’m just gonna do a quick review on the characters…

Nai. Is it even legit to be so cute? A lot of people found him annoying at first but from the start I was already fangirling over that cutie. His naivety, his small size, his hair and his huge eyes… You, get the point. I’m rushing so I can’t really remember anything I want to say about him, oops.


Gareki. Nai’s the cute one, he’s the sexy and hot one. That was a little crude, because in my opinion, he isn’t really sexy and hot, but um.. You know, I like him for him too, not just the looks. This other blogger said that Gareki’s one-shoulder and tank tops are so unmanly but hot, and I can’t help but agree. I don’t really get why Mikanagi Touya (I’m praying I spelt it correctly) gave him such clothes, but oh well. We get to see more skin anyway kekeke…

Tsukumo. Tsukumo is a lovely, sweet and charming lady. She’s probably my most favourite female character of all time. She isn’t very expressive, veryyy cool-headed and sooo beautiful. It’s no wonder Jiki and Eva are so obsessed with her. However… I sensed something between her and Hirato…


But then again, if someone did such a thing to you, wouldn’t you blush too? ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ <– yes this is my favourite (what's it called?) emoji(?) ps, sorry 'bout the huge gaps in between. I screenshotted with my iphone 5.

Yogi. When he first appeared, I thought he'd become my favourite character but Nai and Gareki already were. Teehee. Well, he's still my favourite, but ranked 3rd/4th with Tsukumo. I always thought that I had a fetish for yellow hair and purple eyes since those are my 2 favourite colours, but then I watched Tamaki (ouran) and Yogi and realised… Maybe not. I think I like red hair and yellow eyes (more on that in all my other posts). So, Yogi is really cute, but in the handsome cute type. Sparkly and everything, and Nyanperowna. It's kind of funny sometimes, like during the underwear chapter.. Hehe..

Oh, and I forgot to add, he’s like the Kise (KnB) in Karneval. Bullied, blonde hair, very capable (see Kise in the recent-er chapters) because of his Silver Yogi side, etc. Aw man, I left for a while and completely lost my train of thought…

Hirato. Popular favourite among certain fangirls but honestly I’m not a fan of glasses guys. Anyway, most of us pair him up with Akari or Tsukitachi for obvious reasons. They’re regularly together in the manga, and since Akari doesn’t like Hirato too much, there’s a certain tension between them. Ahem. I don’t ship him and Tsukumo, but I want Tsukumo to get her crush.. So um.. Personal preference it shall be.

Kichii. Annoying brat. I dislike her so much words can’t describe it. I wish she would stop bashing Yogi, it’s not like he doesn’t put in effort. Tsk.

Jiki. He’s like a perverted creep. (I’m obviously biased towards the First ship people) First, he looks at Eva when she was in a lack of clothing, then he keeps trying to get close to Tsukumo. He himself is pretty good looking; nice eyes, but his personality sucks. Kind of like Kyouya (ouran), giving my cute little Nai a hard time in the anime (forgot which episode). Well, at least he helped Nai somewhat in the last episode of the anime.

Tsukitachi. Nothing to say, except that he reminds me of an older, loosened up (perhaps without the win-streak?) version of Akashi (KnB). If you’re a KnB fan, you’ll understand.

Akari. I don’t know… He’s so harsh sometimes. But that cute bunny he looks after? So cute!!! Almost as cute as the niji!

Karoku. He’s so beautiful. He reminds me of the protagonist in La Corda D’oro. Tsu-something I think. Can’t remember. That show stopped halfway, I’m so mad!! But at that time (a few years ago), I didn’t believe in manga continuing the anime so maybe I’ll check it out soon. His lovely blue hair and intense blue eyes. Won’t say I’m that big a fan of his, but he ranks 5th in my list. And the way he keeps saying ‘Nai’ is really I don’t know, mesmerising? He practically only said that the whole anime. (Well, the actual Karoku, that is…) I also adore the way he protects and dare I say it, loves Nai. It’s so wonderful. No need for yaoi *sighs in happiness* Thank goodness his twin/brother is the evil one and not he himself. I’d feel so heartbroken if he really was the antagonist.

Erisyuka. Everyone hates her and so do I. How dare she come in between Karoku and Nai!! And her ‘love’ is so ridiculous and stupid. Hmph.

So since I’m reading the manga, I wait for it to update. Recently, it has updated like everyday, so I felt slightly suspicious. And the most recent chapter said the anime would start airing in April!! I can’t believe it!! I haven’t been reading the actual updates, but only the scans which come out such a long time later!! It’s quite difficult to describe, but I’m so horrified. I wanna learn Japanese so I can 1) watch anime without subtitles 2) be able to read the raws. That means earlier updates!! Yey! But, I think I’ll have to read for a long long time, since the translated ones are like coming out only so long later… ( T_T) I hope at least someone understands this part of my post… /sobs/

P.S. My phone is filled with pictures of anime. Ever since I fell in love with Akashi.. Now there are like 5 photos of my life to 200 photos of anime. You know.
P.P.S. I’m gonna sew these keychains. Can someone please teach me how to sew flat keychains…



Ouran highschool host club hilarious moments













I’m so content with the ending! Do you know how sad I would be if only Tamaki got Haruhi?! I think I really love this manga!! At least Hikaru and Kaoru get to be with her too~ And Mori and Hani senpais too!!! Wheeee~ *fangirl side unleashed*

So happy they didn’t split up and ALL went abroad together!!! Hatori Bisco you rock!!!! (And you secretly support Hikaru x Haruhi right? Kekeke…)


P.S. Oh man suffering from PAWS (post anime withdrawal syndrome) plus I can’t start a new one thanks to exams!! /cries/

Zetsuen no Tempest

I accidentally deleted the first one (again) *sigh* so I’m gonna have to redo this review.

This show is really awesome. ‘Nuff said. The first anime that introduced me to PAWS (post-anime withdrawal syndrome). You should really go and watch it.

Yoshino Takigawa. Not a big fan of his hairstyle, but his imagination is pretty wild… And his nonchalant indifferent attitude can really crack me up some times.

Fuwa Mahiro. He’s the reason I started watching this in the first place. He’s ultra badass. Too bad he’s so attracted to his own sister, which is really weird if you ask me. Honestly I think it’s his yellow hair and red eyes? I totally have a fetish for yellow/red facial features. I don’t want to bother to rewrite the 18 lines I originally did again. (What if I delete this again?)

Hakaze Kusaribe. I really adore her. She’s amazing and pretty and upfront with her feelings. Hope Yoshino returns them, like now.


Fuwa Aika. I really hated her at the beginning, with her self righteous-ness and criticising Yoshino so terribly. Then I watched the end and realised how cool she was with her Exodus sword and such. They’re all an amazing bunch of princesses, to say the least.

Megumu Hanemura. He’s really derpy. But probably also the smartest of the bunch (guessing that aika was yoshino’s girlfriend). Too bad he wastes his life clinging on to his terrible girlfriend who dumped him. That girl deserves to be punished, and most likely was by the tree of Exodus. I just wish he hadn’t given up so easily at the end, you should have fought on Megumu!!

Samon Kusaribe. He has that loser face. From the start, we all knew he wouldn’t be the main bad guy, he’s just a rather useless side character. When he got owned by Yoshino, it was just plain epic. Oh, not to mention, he looks exactly like Pandora Hearts’ Rufus Barma. Let me prove it to you.


Natsumura Kusaribe. (Excuse me if I spelt wrongly) He is nothing special in the show, but definitely would look good with Evangeline. They kind of match. Evangeline’s the wild one and he’s the clear-headed one who controls her craziness. I am not particularly impressed with his skills or anything so moving on, (he kind of reminds me of Kuroh Yatogami in K…

Evangeline Yamamoto. She’s a pretty fabulous character, what with her Fraulein and outfit. I can’t decide between pairing her up with Junichirou or Natsumura. Someone help me!(◎_◎;)


Junichirou Hoshimura. Every show needs a pervert and he fits into that category. At first glance, you’d think he’s an innocent child

then he’d suddenly start talking about his porno collection or boobs. Yep. Totally innocent.

Tetsuma Kusaribe. I like him, he’s cool. (Hint: yellow eyes) He doesn’t do anything but drive everyone around so excuse the one-liner paragraph for him…

I think I covered all the characters already. The rating I’d give is 5/5. Or 4.9. It is that good. But I won’t really put it in comedy, I mean, there is some, but.. You get the point. Anyway, if you like chocolate and s’mores, go and watch it, like now. I’ll even give you a link! I never lie. I don’t want to spoil it too much for you!


P.S. The manga can only be bought from chapter 27 onwards. I can only find raws online.

Pandora Hearts

Pandora Hearts and Tegami Bachi are really very very similar. Not as in copycat similar, but like the storyline and overall feel. This is not my opinion. This is a fact.

I’m actually baking a butter cake now and I have another 15 minutes to go, and therefore I decided to blog.

Pandora Hearts is another old show like Ouran but hey, I’m starting from the beginning kay. I would give it a 3.5/5. I don’t really like how Oz looks like an 8 year old kid; he’s supposed to look 15. He looks just like Lag, who’s 12. And Alice too. You can say Oz is one of my least favourite characters in the whole show. I’m not a fan of his bipolar behaviour when one moment he’s upset over his father, and the other, playing with Gil and Alice. Oh, and the self sacrificial thing. Thank goodness Leo scolded him about that too. When Oz did that whole ‘close my eyes and swing a huge sword’ thing in the beginning, I really wanted to smack him. I wish all animes everywhere would stop this trend. If you are going to swing a sword and kill someone, would you close your eyes? Obviously not.

Alice, in my opinion, is very cute. I love how she’s so addicted to eating. And useful too. She doesn’t dislike anyone in particular either, which is great. She’s the perfect side character-pet person. And it was so hilarious when she was drunk too. Go and watch it now, episode 19.

Gilbert Nightray. The bromance between him and Oz is amazing. The way he still wants to serve Oz despite being 10 years older than him is adorable. Fangirls everywhere like to celebrate his uselessness, BUT i can’t help but agree. No matter how much I don’t like being ‘mainstream’, some facts just can’t be denied. I have no idea what Gil really does, up till now. But I love his hair. Black hair and hat? So mysterious and cool. The part when all the girls in Ada’s school crowded around him was funny too. And you have to watch ALL the scenes where he fights with Alice over Oz XD

Vincent Nightray. I hate everything about him; his personality, his voice, his hair, his womanising-ness; his clothes, his name, his room, his hobby (cutting toys), his hatred for my poor Alice, his dishonesty, his love for Gil (don’t take him from Oz!), etc except his eyes. I mean, they’re the same as my husband’s! How could I resist them?!

Leo & Elliot. Leo annoys me. Just accept Oz’s friendship will you?! And his hair. What’s with it sticking out? Plus, his unreasonable dislike towards Gil. Elliot is so much more level-headed.

Echo. She’s such a pretty and sweet girl, just like Tsukumo (Karneval). Too bad she gets taken over by the Vincent-obsessed Noise. Ew. Echo’s really cute and it was so funny when she told Oz how irritated she was with Vincent. Making her do weird stuff? Check.

Cheshire cat. My favourite character because I love cats. He’s really so cute and loyal and noble. Giving up his precious human form for the Intention. Too bad he died 😦 Break, Y U NO spare him?
br />
Break & Sharon. Everyone loves Break, including me. Dat clown. Sharon? Not so much. She’s pretty useless some times. And his theme song, Truth, amazing!

Intention. I’ve nothing much about her since I haven’t read that much of the manga. Of course except psychotic eyeball plucker.

I can’t really remember any other (important) characters. I started reading he manga, but some times it’s really very confusing and I always forget what I read the day before. So now I’m not anywhere near the end, and I can’t say which characters do major or weird things in the whole manga. I totally didn’t make sense there, did I? Teehee.


P.S. KnB 230 should’ve come out I’m gonna read it now (that’s why my last paragraph is so rushed and weird)

P.P.S. Do you like the new IOS 7.0? :s I don’t and I’m not gonna update mine until absolutely necessary ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ (I’ve become obsessed with these emot

P.P.P.S. The butter cake is my second try, adapted, less sweet, more buttery, more delicious. And really took only about 1 1/4 hrs + 45 mins baking time