Dangan Ronpa: The Animation

Dangan ronpa is set in an elite school where all the ‘Super duper high school’ students reside. They are meant to kill each other without getting found out in order to graduate. There’s no other way out. And all this is said by a sadistic bear, Monokuma. And it has ‘two sides’ on its face so CREEPY ALERT!! I kind of have a fear of bear dolls so yeah…

The show was thrilling, and really creepy, because I’m more scared of survival/trust creepy than sad creepy (deadman wonderland). Yes, I have different standards of creepy and this one is the ‘I can’t trust anyone, and if I turn around there’s a 100% chance I will die’. Episode 10 I think gave us a nice big fright when Naegi checked out the hidden room, only to be knocked out by the mysterious masked girl. SCARED THE LIVING WITS OUTTA ME! The opening is really nice though, so I highly suggest you watch it just for the music; you can’t find it elsewhere. Not at night though, remember, you can’t trust anyone fufufu… Nowhere is safe.. So minus the creepy parts, though they are what makes this show good, I’d give it a 4/5 because the plot’s gripping, not a thousand episodes, and I love mystery. This totally reminds me of Ace Attorney, a nintendo game I used to play. The blood is pink so I’m not gonna say it’s gory. The ‘punishment’ time is in a different sort of graphic (please understand lol), not anime but like the comic sort… They probably did that to lessen the grotesque part but personally, that scares me even more. Don’t ask, I just have a ‘thing’ for comic graphic type.

Naegi. I thought he was gonna be the typical ‘I’m so useless’ main character, but turns out he’s not, thankfully. Naegi is pretty smart, and he catches on quickly, and it’s really funny to see him THAT’S WRONG! everyone else. Though this means he’s the number 2 culprit that killed most of his friends. There’s one part about him that he should change though. Trusting your friends too much. As seen in episode 1, he refused to believe that Maizono might have originally planned on killing him. Such naive thinking. Luckily he changes that mindset in all the other episodes. If not, punishment time would be obvious. If you want pictures, this is not the blog for you. I only screenshot when I remember to and feel like, and I don’t like screenshotting characters. Just search online. By the way, this show has little to no romance.

Kirigiri. I love her name, it must be so fun to say. She’s a very pretty girl I must say, her lilac hair and eyes, and her purple outfit is awesome (I’m just biased since I like purple); especially her fabulous boots. Kirigiri is obviously the smartest out of all of them since she was Super Duper High School Detective. She’s the sharpest too, and was the only one out of all of them to realise she had amnesia. It took them 13 episodes while she already knew the moment she woke up. Kirigiri is very good at controlling her emotions, so she isn’t the annoying type. The ideal deuteragonist I’d say.

Fukawa/Genocider Syo. It’s funny how she’s a high school serial killer because that has happened way too many times. It’s so mainstream it’s funny. Fukawa has a very unique seiyuu because she doesn’t sound like any anime girl I’ve ever watched. Therefore I kinda like it; her voice. Fukawa likes Togami and she stalks him everywhere.

20131015-162726.jpg Answering questions for him even.. And guess what? She’s the female non-gay alter ego of Greil Sutcliffe.

20131015-162808.jpg Right? Moving on…

Togami. I don’t like him because he comes across as ‘artificial’ and is only acting as a detective. It’s almost as if he’s copying Kirigiri the detective and Naegi the pointer. He acts rather suspiciously and I’ve suspected him of murdering someone more than once (twice, really). Too bad I was wrong and he’s actually innocent all this while. He has a terrible personality and doesn’t hesitate to insult anyone, mainly Fukawa. He’s from some rich family by the way.

Hagakure. He’s the high school super duper shaman and sure looks like it. He’s a very easily swayed character and not observant at all. He didn’t even realise that his own crystal ball was gone and he is always wrong during the trials. I don’t dislike him nor do I particualrly like him, since he’s just a background character that doesn’t do much..

Ishimaru. I quite liked him (in a ‘hm, you seem like a not bad character) since he took the whole bro thing quite seriously. It’s a pity that he died because I think he might have been able to contribute to the plot quite a bit. The one problem about him is his eyes. They really resemble those of a hypnotised or evil anime person. So it’s deeply disturbing every time his face is suddenly zoomed in upon, lol.

Yamada. Unlike many, I’m not gonna label him as a fat pig or anything because that’s a terrible thing to do. I’m not that mean. He really liked Alter Ego because it would listen to him talk about his interests. That is one thing that really made him seem nicer and not an arrogant asshole who has no right to be one (eg those characters who are ugly and fat but think they’re the most beautiful people). He is probably much more insecure than we know so people, don’t judge him.

Mondo. His hairstyle is unique in a way but it doesn’t annoy me particularly. He is your average ‘dude’ and that’s what made him kill Fujisaki. I still admire his bro code thing going on (he tried to make sure no one could find out Fujisaki’s secret) and wish that everything worked out. Oh well.

Fujisaki. It’s obvious enough that he’s my favourite character. Firstly, he’s really cute as a girl or boy and it doesn’t matter if he crossdresses; either way I’d like him. He is also really innocent and didn’t want to kill anyone. He never harboured any evil intentions and even tried to change himself instead of hiding his secret. Admirably cute. I was so disappointed that he died because I really like cute characters and they’re always my favourite. Note: I said cute not perky so irritating girls will NOT do.

Celestia. I never liked her because I always saw her as a suspicious character. We know barely anything about her and she could easily trick them all into thinking something. She was also the first person that I guessed was the murderer, and was correct. I knew something was up when she managed to get away twice from the Justice Robot with only a little scratch. If the JR was really a killing machine, wouldn’t it have made sense if she died too? And who would believe that she got attacked just ‘cuz she had a tiny harmless scratch.. Her voice irks me too, and she’s clearly my most disliked character, next to Maizono.

Junko. I find her really cute actually meaning I wasn’t really happy that she literally killed herself. It doesn’t matter that she’s insane and loves being in despair, I actually quite liked her. She’s the type of antagonist that would die without the main characters killing them. It’s like willingly dying. They’re the most ‘easy’ villains. Anyway, Junko died really happy because she’s crazy and she somehow managed to survive every ‘punishment’ until Naegi’s one. Making her the villain meant that Dangan Ronpa became a thousand times less creepy but it was only 2 episodes and clearly not enough to allow me to sleep peacefully. I think that dolls in general are so scary in every show besides comedies. Monokuma was no different and I felt creeped out because of his eagerness to kill and harm people. I can’t explain it (lol, why am I even explaining why I’m afraid of what I’m afraid of??)

This was actually a draft from last monday and I don’t know how to continue it so I’ll just stop here. Sorry I haven’t updated in FOREVER! Things have been quite hectic (school and my cca just started) so I haven’t had the chance to type a post! I didn’t forget, really!!

P.S. I’m actually not that into KnB right now because it’s like rereading the manga. I never ever reread, I hate it. I already know what’s going to happen so if anything, I’d just find the part I forgot and yeah. That’s why I haven’t started reading Letter Bee’s manga because I don’t want to re-know everything… I’m just waiting for AKASHI to show up!!!!!!



Chuunibyo means eight grader syndrome which is kind of when we all think we harbour magical powers. Yeah, basically the delusional thinking of kids. Chuunibyo, the show, is about a boy, Togashi Yuuta who wants to live a normal high school life after leaving his past behind him. Don’t get me wrong, he doesn’t have a dark past (wait, it IS dark) like his parents died or something. He used to think he was the Dark Flame Master and that kind of thing. It’s really hilarious really. If you watch episode 3 of the Lite series you’d laugh your entire butt off rolling on the floor until you die (also known as roflmfaouid). He meets a girl, Takanashi Rikka, who is still in her delusional world and keeps leeching onto him. She forces him to create a club with her and that’s their group of friends. Then he learns more about her past, and drama.

Chuunibyo is really really really funny. I really couldn’t stop laughing at all of Rikka’s antics. She calls her sister the Priestess, Dekomori (her junior high friend, meaning Dekomori is in junior high) her servant, and Yuuta the dark flame master. It’s really cute ‘cuz all the ‘otherworldly’ stuff she says is in English so you actually hear them say Dark Flame Master with all the added syllables behind haha. Rikka’s always like that, saying she’s the wielder of the wicked eye and acting like it affects her occasionally; it’s so funny!!


The show starts off with Yuuta clearing his stuff out. The stuff I speak of are his Dark Flame Master items; his sword, coat, notebook etc. All this reminds him of his embarrassing time in junior high where he isolated himself from his classmates, always going on about his Dark Flame magic. Apparently, during the self introduction, he actually said he was the DFM (laziness kicking in~) and that the bandages on his arm should never be removed as they conceal his Dark Flame Dragon. You know this ‘cute guy’ picture you see sometimes?

20131119-002436.jpg That was Yuuta. And his pose during his self introduction. He also used to be really forward when it came to confessing because what happened was that he sent a girl a message about some dark flame thingy and ended off with ‘Love you forever’ and his ‘mysterious’ smirk HAHA. It was extremely funny ‘cuz Yuuta proceeded to bang his head against everything to try and forget those dark memories (I’m so punny gwahahahahahaha). Okay, so once Yuuta entered his class, he went to the balcony to chill out and hope he doesnt come across as a weirdo this time. Then he suddenly remembered his (dark) past and said ‘Vanish into the flames of darkness!’ in a childish attempt to erase those memories. Turns out Rikka saw all that and we all thought that was why she was so into him. Then she just clings on to him a lot, forces him to make a club with her and all (I will elaborate more on the Far Eastern Magic Nap Society of Summer later on). When they go back to her old house for summer vacation, he finds out about her father’s death which led her to her delusions. She believed she saw her dad in the ‘Ethereal Horizon’ and thus came to believe in it. Later on in the show Yuuta causes Rikka to get over her eight-grader syndrome and she became normal again. Making friends and everything. Easily the most boring part of the show. I was sad myself because I couldn’t stand seeing Rikka just throw out all her stuff and completely give up on all that. She was no longer so cute and ignorant, and I really dug her eyepatch. They became this boring predictable couple as well.. hmf.. During this period of time, Dekomori was sobbing like everyday. It made me cry too, I mean, how could you just leave your childhood like that?! 😦 Dekomori kept trying to reel her back in, even bringing tons more enchanted gems, but they all failed. The club disbanded as well. After that she left. In the train station, Yuuta and Dekomori bid goodbye to her. Oh, I forgot to mention, the two confessed to each other around that time. I can’t remember whether it was before or after she returned to normal though. Well if you wanna know, I know a solution: Watch and find out. Dekomori thought Yuuta had done something to her ‘master’ and was really upset. Anyway, back to the train station, Yuuta and Rikka had this silent conversation thing going on before the doors closed. When the train left, Dekomori started scolding Yuuta for not telling Rikka that her ethereal horizon was real. (Meaning: telling her not to abandon her eighth-grader syndorme) So he was like ‘But it ISN’T real!’ and told Dekomori she should quit it as well. Dekomori was crying a lot. But in the end, she still did. The next day she came back without pigtails and was acting completely normal. Sad, really. Kumin also changed; she started dressing and acting like Rikka. She even passed messages to Yuuta, like telling him some things that Rikka wanted to say (Tbh, I don’t even know how she knew all that. She was always sleeping…) At the train station, Rikka had promised she’d come back, but didn’t in the end. She actually moved out a while ago without Yuuta’s knowing. Yuuta realised that all this wasn’t what he actually wanted. He didn’t want to leave everything like this; like normal. So he went off to find her at her old place. The train was off-service already so Yuuta cycled like CRAZY. Halfway in the trip, somehow Kumin stopped him and passed another message which I still don’t know how she learned. That made him feel even more motivated to find Rikka. When he arrived, he convinced her to join him to find the Ethereal Horizon. So she jumped off, and they cycled off together. The other friends helped out as well because Rikka’s grandpa called the police thinking Yuuta was a thief. (Nibutani pretended that Isshiki was a molester which caught the police’s attention instead) We also got a sneak peek of Dekomori’s wealth.

I really like this show. Its like Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun but sadder. Now I’ll just briefly write about the characters…

Nibutani Shinka. I didn’t really like her at first since she seemed to be trying to get close to Yuuta for some weird reason. I thought she liked him and that annoyed me because Yuuta is Rikka’s! Later on when I realised she had chuunibyo as well and joined them all, I started liking her. She and Dekomori are soo cute together!! Teehee. OF COURSE IN A STRAIGHT WAY. Nibutani acts like the mom and Dekomori’s really cute already so yea~

Isshiki. He is your average (horny) high schooler. I didn’t hate him or anything, because I thought he was just a side character heh. He used to quite like Nibutani but later on liked Kumin. There was this part when he received a love letter but he never found out who she was because stuff happened and the sender was unable to meet him. He is quite a rash person; offering to shave his head and confessing to Kumin in front of the whole school (P.S. she was asleep so her answer is unknown). I think he and Kumin make an awesome couple even though the age part is wrong. Kumin was the one who somehow kind of boosted his confidence after he shaved his head, how cute.

The other members are Yuuta, Rikka, Dekomori, Kumin. I just don’t feel a need to write about them since my views have already been shared above. Their club was created by Rikka originally. She forced Yuuta to become vice president and herself president. Of course against his will. Anyway, while they were trying to recruit members cuz you need 5 at least to start a club, they met Kumin again who was trying to recruit members for her Nap club. (They actually met her before when trying to find a cat’s owner. Rikka pretended it was a Cerberus or something but in the end, due to her sister’s allergy to cats, Yuuta ended up keeping it) Turns out Kumin was home schooled her whole life which explains her weirdness. They offered to combine the two clubs which created the name Far Eastern Magic Nap Society. Dekomori joined when Rikka asked her to; they set up the light up magic star on the ground and made the exploding baking soda mix. Nibutani joined since she wanted to burn Dekomori’s notebook (AW MAN I forgot the name!!!) because it was something she posted on the net during her chuunibyo self. Of Summer was added to the name because of her. Isshiki joined when Nibutani did I think… He had trouble quitting the light music club though hehehehe (He joined thinking girls like musical guys then wanted to quit to be with Kumin)

Alright, I think I’ve covered my non existent list of stuff to include in my blog post. Please watch this show if you haven’t already!! I’ve dragged this post out for so long and it isn’t even funny. Sorry for lack of updates! I’ll do one more once I finish Sakurasou.

The WordPress app is so difficult to use!! I thought I already published this but apparently its still only saved as a draft -___- So what I did was just copy and paste onto a whole new post and publish it!! Time to do that for the Dangan Ronpa one too :/ Gomenasai, please forgive me~


WataMote is short for No matter how I look at it, it’s you guys’ fault I’m not popular! I never even knew the full Japanese title so just search up wikipedia…

This is a slice of life comedy, and it really lives up to the genre. It’s basically a misfit’s life, and how she tries to change that. However, she has literally no social experience whatsoever so she always ends up embarrassing herself. If you find it annoying when characters do things differently from what you want, then this show will without a doubt piss you off. But I think it’s worthwhile if you’re feeling scared or sad after watching some other anime. It only has 12 episodes and 48 chapters so it won’t take up much time either..

Tomoko Kuroki, the main character, is a socially awkward, short and small girl. She doesn’t have much sex appeal either. Tomoko has no friends apart from her middle school best friend, Yuu, who she refers to as a slut. Kind of mean if you’d ask me but it’s Tomoko we’re talking about. You can’t expect any less. Anyway, Tomoko strongly dislikes her classmates and thinks all the girls are sluts as well. The first episode shows you very well her opinions on them. I’m afraid I hadn’t screenshotted it so my apologies.. This is another reason I can relate to her so well. There are countless (and almost all) people that I call a whore and detest for no apparent reason. I’d also change whatever they’re talking about into some disgusting speech completely Tomoko level. Tomoko is pretty horny and wants a boyfriend really badly. She would go to any length to get friends and a boyfriend, so no matter what, DON’T suggest any crazy thing to her. She’d totally do it. Her imagination is terrifyingly wide, which is probably due to her experience with otome and other types of games. Tomoko is the number one relatable character. We’d all laugh at her misfortune and how she only lazes at home watching anime playing games, getting scolded for not doing chores, but the truth is, that exactly depicts our own life. You’re probably watching WataMote, not doing your duties and slacking off, while laughing at Tomoko for doing the same thing. The only difference is that Tomoko has a lot of trouble talking (but not to herself and her family) and so it’s kind of irritating watching her embarrass herself in front of some guy. It’s no wonder why she has no friends.
Plus, she thought it an achievement that a boy talked to her six times in her entire middle school life. Gotta feel sad for her eh? Tomoko is super retarded and you will definitely ask yourself: Hey, why am I even watching this stupid thing? But you’d be unable to stop cuz you wanna know whether she ever gets friends and a boyfriend.

Tomoki Kuroki. I quite like him; he’s Tomoko’s younger brother. He says the forbidden words

20131012-204847.jpg He’s also super awesome for being able to keep up with Tomoko’s nonsense and not killing her or himself by now. When she dressed up appalling-ly, he didn’t even show his utter disgust. He’s so used to her scary behaviour that he doesn’t even bother questioning it. Tomoki is rather popular in his class, and cute, and looks just like Staz which is why I like him. There’s this episode that shows how he felt towards his older sister before, and I’m pretty sure he wanted to kill himself then and there. Or maybe burn the disc.

I love you, sister, let’s get married when we grow up

Are all younger brothers like this? Nearly every funny anime with one has said that before.. Besides, Tomoki has went through the world’s worst experience:

20131012-205244.jpg And always bears with her (like I have already said)

20131012-205316.jpg There was once when Tomoko thought he was sexually attracted to her when he really just wanted to strangle her. I’m still waiting for Tomoki to crack and scream at her. It would be hilarious.

Yuu Nanase. Tomoko really mistreats her sometimes. Wouldn’t it be kinda strange if your best friend made you bring her out to buy panties? Although it’s obvious she has more friends than Tomoko, she still sticks with that girl. This says a lot about her; she’s a really pleasant, nice, kawaii ‘slut’.

WataMote is a really realistic show, and kind of stupid too. If you’re feeling depressed or wants to watch a light hearted anime, this is a good show to entertain yourself with. I laughed a lot even though I rarely do when watching anime or any show in general. I hope you like it because I made this whole review for you. Apparently it’s not as mean as Maria Holic (I’m gonna watch it now) since Tomoko’s plans sometimes do succeed. This is one of the rare times:

Bye now! Watching Elfen lied, Mirai Nikki and Maria Holic. Reviews tomorrow or so!

P.S. Dear parents, the reason why we always like our friends better is because they never make us angry. Maybe sad, but never angry.
P.S. I forgot to add, but Tomoko is a die hard anime fan. I love that she made KnB references, Another too. She is always ignored and was like ‘What is this? Kuroki no Basket? Am I the phantom sixth man?’ She also once sweat so much she (actually) said ‘I’m sweating so much it’s like I’m in a basketball manga’. Facepalmers behold. As for the Another part:

20131012-212801.jpg There you go.
P.S. Yuu is my third favourite character because she has the same iPhone cover as me. I mean, I changed it already but the same as my old iPhone 4 one.

20131015-162638.jpg KUTUSITA NYANKO FOR THE WINNNN!!! I love it someone who knows me buy me the soft toy/notebook and I’ll love you for life.

Shingeki no kyojin

Shingeki no kyojin. The first thing that comes to your mind will either be ‘Oh, that mainstream anime that I still haven’t made time to watch’ or ‘THAT AWESOME SHOW?! Why did it end?!’ I’m on the same page as the first option people.

I am a person with a positive outlook on life (no, I’m just being sarcastic) so while being bored out of my skull while waiting for oral at school, I was watching anime. Of course when I wasn’t complaining as though somebody cut my queue or something. I downloaded a couple of episodes of Death Note (I still haven’t completed it), Shingeki no kyojin and thought ‘This is gonna be a great fun day where I spend all my time watching cool gripping shows. I’ll even forget about the lack of a fan system’. Buuuuuut, reality is never the same as what you think. Already tired and not wanting a heavy draggy anime at the moment, I stopped watching DN. It was getting kind of boring and filler-y. So I obviously thanked the heavens that I download SNK so at least I’d have something to do.

But no. SNK’s first episode was being a total b**** to me. Even after taking forever to download, it was not HD. Awesome right? Blur images, just what I want when I’m sleepy and bored (and kind of blind). Then, the wonderful video decided to give me the chance to stare at Misaka or Mikasa for like 3 minutes. I don’t even know what happened but whenever I paused… Mikasa. I have yet to find out what section of the show she even came from. So I just went back all the way to the front and waited five WHOLE minutes for it to go back to where Mikasa appeared/where the video stopped. But I suddenly had to switch off my phone completely. Opening it up again, Mikasa. And so I went back to the front and when I finally got to my point, I got a show for 48 seconds then…. You get the gist. So since I was already rather frustrated, bored, sleepy and getting a headache from watching in a bus, I really didn’t wanna watch SNK anymore.

The end.

Just kidding, I gotta tell you how the first episode was right? Besides that it hanged every time I paused or scanned forward (I HAD TO WATCH THE OPENING TWICE. Anyone who watches anime understands my pain, considering that I didn’t have my earphones on). So the first episode started off with Mikasa talking ’bout the day they won’t forget and some people fighting for mankind or something, then the stupid opening I couldn’t skip, then Eren’s nightmare or daymare or treeshademare. Mikasa appeared (as in properly, not when my show hangs) and obviously asks Eren what’s wrong. They talk about his mare and go off into the city(?) At the city, they’re still talking about Eren crying and some drunkard comes up. Drunkard talks about the titans not breaking in and they have nothing to worry about, and our already interesting protagonist starts getting angry and blah. I kind of forgot everything already and who remembers stuff they did when they wanted to sleep anyway??? Okay that’s where the whole show hanged forever and I gave up watching.

The first episode. I’m a really persevering person so I decided to watch the second episode since it wouldn’t hang and y’know. But because I didn’t know which one the second episode was, I just clicked a random one. I may have watched episode 3 instead, who knows? Anyway, everyone there was wearing the SNK uniform and getting yelled at by a vulgar guy. This poor girl eating a potato got punished. Surprisingly our protagonist didn’t get picked on so yay. Ends off with the punished girl carrying out her punishment, then the dreaded opening.. Aaaaand, it hanged.

I don’t want to continue SNK at all unless it’s really very good. As I’ve said in DN, I really want a gripping anime that makes me want to watch it. Otherwise a light-hearted one which SNK obviously is not. So if I ever do end up continuing this popular series, I’ll tell y’all, but for now, I’m not even gonna try. It’s way too tiring to watch a hanging show. My exams just ended, no more stressful things please.


Tonari no kaibutsu-kun

This is one adorable awesome romance anime. If you’re looking for a super light hearted comedy too, TnKK will definitely do. I love all the characters and for once, I actually support the two mains.

Shizuku. Shizuku’s a smart girl but not as genius as Haru. She’s straightforward and cute; veryyy straightforward.

20131008-134312.jpg One reason I love this show is because of her personality. This was only episode 2!!! Shizuku has a younger brother too, who she completely loves. And vice versa. Their relationship is great. She’s also rather emotionless, which must be what makes her so loveable. I can never stand those who make a big deal out of nothing (the reason I dislike romances) so this anime and Ouran is ideal. The only problem is that she literally doesn’t care for anyone except Haru.

20131008-134622.jpg No, Shizuku. You’re the one with no feelings.

Haru. He’s secretly from some rich family and got thrown out. The typical rich boy x normal girl. Soon enough he’s gonna be forced to go home and get a fiancee and there’ll be loads of drama. I’m really not looking forward to it… Haru is shy too, and he is completely upfront with his feelings. Completely. Even more so than Straightforward Shizuku.

20131008-134853.jpg This was 13 minutes into episode 1 including OP time.

20131008-134927.jpg This was 5 seconds later. I know what y’all thinking, quick escalation. Haru is actually very popular with the girls, though those bimbos are quick to leave him the moment he gets into a fight. They’re all just shallow freaks who’ll fawn over any good looking guy. I actually didn’t expect Haru’s seiyuu to be him because for some reason, it’s different from the voice I allocated him in my head. Maybe just to warn you of his crazy actions, he has a pet rooster. Yes, a rooster. Why? He found it. And built a coop for it. All of this, in school. He’s totally normal, trust me. He likes playing with lead too! Isn’t that cute?


Natsume. She’s my ideal type of girl (if I were a guy). Natsume is cute, and a computer nerd. You probably didn’t see that coming hurhur. She gets 42 confessions in 5 days for obvious reasons, and also loses all her friends in that time length. I love Natsume because she rejects them quick and easily and doesn’t 1) play with their feelings 2) flirt around. She also hates boys because they are the reason she has no friends. I just like her because of her hatred for boys. Must be the first time I see a cute anime girl like that!

20131008-135514.jpg She’s also the first few anime girls I’ve seen who are super pretty and have wavy hair. I really like that touch. Wavy hair for the win!! The only problem is that she’s convinced every single guy likes her (which is the case 99% of the time) including Haru. But Haru is extremely loyal and will only love Shizuku!!! In the end(?) Sasayan also fell in love with Natsume so I think she should accept his feelings. Never mind that I felt sad when she got rejected for the first time by Mi-chan-san.

Sasayan. He’s like the popular, okay-ish guy that no one hates or particularly likes. To be honest his hair kind of irks me. He is the perfect example of ‘dicks before chicks’ and would forever choose his bros over Natsume. Harsh, but true. I like how he talks to Haru and Shizuku even though they’re unpopular. In fact, he was like the first person to associate himself with them. I applaud him for that.

Yamaken. I don’t like him one bit. He should really stop coming in between my OTP. Shizuku will never choose him and that is a fact. Yamaken should have just left after confessing. He’s only keeping the two lovebirds away from each other. I was also kinda upset when Shizuku said she liked Yamaken more than everyone would expect because I think she should just be honest and say she would still choose Haru. Please don’t create more drama and just get together already! The only part about Yamaken that I don’t absolutely hate is that he treats Iyo like poop. It’s actually really amusing. Yamaken can never win over Shizuku because his Haru-ness is completely nonexistent.

20131008-141736.jpg He couldn’t even say that!

Iyo. I don’t like her because she dared to go near Haru when he was asleep! That witch!! I can’t believe she tried to pull a fast one when no one was watching! How terrible!

20131008-140450.jpg All I can say is, THANK GOODNESS she’s related to Yamaken, I wouldn’t be able to take it if she even went near Haru again.

Ooshima. I actually quite like her because she reminds us all of ourselves. The only one who doesn’t get back their romance and actually acts like a human. Somehow I feel she’s more relatable for all of us. She’s also a great friend and doesn’t wanna ruin the relationship between Shizuku and Haru just for herself. Much unlike someone. The girl is also really funny I mean, you don’t just ask someone if they have balls. Pffft.

20131008-140916.jpg I couldn’t screenshot every second but Shizuku was like ‘Don’t ask me!’ The reason he even said that was because of his crazy weird actions in episode 1. He suddenly stripped naked thinking something wrong because Shizuku said she was going to the gym. Please don’t ask me what goes through his head. Beats me anyway. Back to Ooshima, she got her heart broken tons of times. Her face when she realised Haru held no romantic feelings for her was priceless.

20131008-141133.jpg Sorry, Ooshima. I’m so mean! /sob/

I don’t think there’s anything else I have to say about the other characters. I’ll just say that this is my favourite romance forever because who wouldn’t love the two mains! They are just too cute together!

20131008-141406.jpg Just remember, if you ever start hating Haru,

20131008-141835.jpg This cute face. It even wavered Emotionless Shizuku!

TnKK is a very unique (in a good way) anime/manga. It is in no way cliche like every other romance anime. Even Kaichou wa Maid sama had that cliche ending where Usui had to go back but in TnKK, there’s no drama revolving that. I was so glad when it was only 2 chapters regarding Haru leaving and there was no ‘Catch me if you can’ at the airport. I really love this manga. I read a couple of other mangas and it takes cliche to the original level haha. The friend causing trouble, not wholeheartedly dating the second guy, the going back somewhere and the not explaining things to each other properly!!! Will do reviews on them for sure. I can’t describe how great and refreshing TnKK is, especially when you want a romance manga that can really separate itself from the rest. I’m already recommending it to all my friends. You’re welcome, “Robico”.

The link to all the funny moments is here. Please laugh or I’ll feel awkward.

P.S. kuroko no basket 2 has come out. Rejoice with me. Should I hold a party..?

Deadman wonderland

Honestly I don’t really like this show. It’s very warped, creepy and gorey. (After all, it’s about the manipulation of blood…) The storyline is kind of interesting but the characters annoy me sometimes. And it’s so disgusting, because the directors are all ruthless and gross.

Ganta Igarashi. This boy rubs me the wrong way. I can’t stand the way he keeps acting like he’s an amazing hero. But at least he doesn’t do psychotic things like Minatsuki… Anyway, Ganta bites his thumb for blood. Ouch. I really can’t stand that sort of things, because I would never be able to bite my skin off. Plain gross. I understand he does it to survive, but, ouch, really.

Shiro. I don’t like how she is the red man. It’s really sad and I wish I could go into the story and save her from Ganta’s mother… So saddening, if you read it you’ll wanna cry for her. She doesn’t deserve to be tortured! She’s just an innocent child… And in chapter 45.2 she makes you wanna cry a river because


Shiro’s arm dropped off… Her helpless face really touches my heart. Why did she have to bear with this?! This show is messed up.

Senji Kiyomasa. He’s not bad for a deadman, considering that he can stand up against Toto.

Minatsuki. Ah, my favourite character. Am I the only one who finds her really pretty? Ever since her hair got cut, it seems like her crazy personality decreased a little. I mean, at least she doesn’t announce to the world that she wants to have sex.. O_o I pair her up with Senji because do you see how flustered he gets from her boobs? Go ahead, laugh.

Sukegawa. The homo.. His boyfriend cheated on him, which is how he ended up in DW. Another warped up story for you.. And nudity. Yucks.

Igarashi Sorae. This woman is the dog who created deadman and caused such misery to Shiro. So what if she apologises to Shiro? Will that change the fact that she was ruthlessly torturing her, for experimental purposes?

20130930-153005.jpg If you don’t already hate her, you’re twisted too then.

Hagire. The creepy director. The main antagonist that we all want to kill, but Ganta does that for us. I can’t believe he took Toto’s body, how unfair. In episode 7 though, when he licked Senji, it was hilarious.

20130930-153307.jpg In terms of yaoi, I ship them haha.

Toto Sakigami. He’s so attractive. (Hint: yellow eyes) Too bad that director took over his body. His obsession with Yosuga is lovely too. I mean, that gave us a chance to look at his sexy torso, no?

Takami. The promoter. I think he’s the worse, even worse than the director. He went bowling with that old man’s head! Who does that? I thought I saw wrongly but noo, it was a fact. That’s plain sadistic. And the part when his nurse just grabbed out Senji’s eye? Gross. I thought this show was bad enough, then I saw that. And it was only the second episode!

Madoka Shishito. I really wish I could save him in his past. It’s ridiculous. What sort of twisted kids would play othello using thumbtacks on someone’s back? Oh that’s right, unless it’s a DW character.

20130930-161129.jpg It’s just so sad. I wish I could have been there to save Madoka. Why are all these people having to suffer? Why? And it resulted in him becoming a murderer.



20130930-161240.jpg This chapter really made my heart clench. Are there actually people out there being bullied like this? And the poor Madoka, he’s so sad to even have to kill Ganta. It’s because of those bullies that he even believes such lies.

20130930-161758.jpg He really just wants people to be happy. To the point that he would make himself feel agony. (In the end he said ‘Thank you Ganta for your unhappiness. May have saved the world a little… I guess’) Poor guy…

So I think that if you’re the sort of person who likes gore and creepy dark stories, you’ll enjoy this manga. The show doesn’t really have so much of that ‘ew’ factor in it, but more of a ‘GANTA STOP OPENING YOUR EYES SO WIDE AND BE USEFUL!’ Even the choras box was made out of Shiro’s flesh. Could it get any worse than that? What the **** is wrong with all these people? How did they even obtain her flesh?! That’s what your probably thinking right? Well, let me show you the answer.

20130930-155402.jpg And they placed poor Shiro on a cross. These @!?$?#&£!!! This manga is really sad; the kind of sadness you feel when you see people getting tortured. (Since in this manga, that’s what’s happening..)

Please listen to my advice and don’t watch this unless you’re ready to look like

20130930-162334.jpg this throughout.

P.S. I didn’t cry at all, just horrified. So you aren’t gonna need Kleenex

Zetsuen no Tempest

I accidentally deleted the first one (again) *sigh* so I’m gonna have to redo this review.

This show is really awesome. ‘Nuff said. The first anime that introduced me to PAWS (post-anime withdrawal syndrome). You should really go and watch it.

Yoshino Takigawa. Not a big fan of his hairstyle, but his imagination is pretty wild… And his nonchalant indifferent attitude can really crack me up some times.

Fuwa Mahiro. He’s the reason I started watching this in the first place. He’s ultra badass. Too bad he’s so attracted to his own sister, which is really weird if you ask me. Honestly I think it’s his yellow hair and red eyes? I totally have a fetish for yellow/red facial features. I don’t want to bother to rewrite the 18 lines I originally did again. (What if I delete this again?)

Hakaze Kusaribe. I really adore her. She’s amazing and pretty and upfront with her feelings. Hope Yoshino returns them, like now.


Fuwa Aika. I really hated her at the beginning, with her self righteous-ness and criticising Yoshino so terribly. Then I watched the end and realised how cool she was with her Exodus sword and such. They’re all an amazing bunch of princesses, to say the least.

Megumu Hanemura. He’s really derpy. But probably also the smartest of the bunch (guessing that aika was yoshino’s girlfriend). Too bad he wastes his life clinging on to his terrible girlfriend who dumped him. That girl deserves to be punished, and most likely was by the tree of Exodus. I just wish he hadn’t given up so easily at the end, you should have fought on Megumu!!

Samon Kusaribe. He has that loser face. From the start, we all knew he wouldn’t be the main bad guy, he’s just a rather useless side character. When he got owned by Yoshino, it was just plain epic. Oh, not to mention, he looks exactly like Pandora Hearts’ Rufus Barma. Let me prove it to you.


Natsumura Kusaribe. (Excuse me if I spelt wrongly) He is nothing special in the show, but definitely would look good with Evangeline. They kind of match. Evangeline’s the wild one and he’s the clear-headed one who controls her craziness. I am not particularly impressed with his skills or anything so moving on, (he kind of reminds me of Kuroh Yatogami in K…

Evangeline Yamamoto. She’s a pretty fabulous character, what with her Fraulein and outfit. I can’t decide between pairing her up with Junichirou or Natsumura. Someone help me!(◎_◎;)


Junichirou Hoshimura. Every show needs a pervert and he fits into that category. At first glance, you’d think he’s an innocent child

then he’d suddenly start talking about his porno collection or boobs. Yep. Totally innocent.

Tetsuma Kusaribe. I like him, he’s cool. (Hint: yellow eyes) He doesn’t do anything but drive everyone around so excuse the one-liner paragraph for him…

I think I covered all the characters already. The rating I’d give is 5/5. Or 4.9. It is that good. But I won’t really put it in comedy, I mean, there is some, but.. You get the point. Anyway, if you like chocolate and s’mores, go and watch it, like now. I’ll even give you a link! I never lie. I don’t want to spoil it too much for you!


P.S. The manga can only be bought from chapter 27 onwards. I can only find raws online.

Pandora Hearts

Pandora Hearts and Tegami Bachi are really very very similar. Not as in copycat similar, but like the storyline and overall feel. This is not my opinion. This is a fact.

I’m actually baking a butter cake now and I have another 15 minutes to go, and therefore I decided to blog.

Pandora Hearts is another old show like Ouran but hey, I’m starting from the beginning kay. I would give it a 3.5/5. I don’t really like how Oz looks like an 8 year old kid; he’s supposed to look 15. He looks just like Lag, who’s 12. And Alice too. You can say Oz is one of my least favourite characters in the whole show. I’m not a fan of his bipolar behaviour when one moment he’s upset over his father, and the other, playing with Gil and Alice. Oh, and the self sacrificial thing. Thank goodness Leo scolded him about that too. When Oz did that whole ‘close my eyes and swing a huge sword’ thing in the beginning, I really wanted to smack him. I wish all animes everywhere would stop this trend. If you are going to swing a sword and kill someone, would you close your eyes? Obviously not.

Alice, in my opinion, is very cute. I love how she’s so addicted to eating. And useful too. She doesn’t dislike anyone in particular either, which is great. She’s the perfect side character-pet person. And it was so hilarious when she was drunk too. Go and watch it now, episode 19.

Gilbert Nightray. The bromance between him and Oz is amazing. The way he still wants to serve Oz despite being 10 years older than him is adorable. Fangirls everywhere like to celebrate his uselessness, BUT i can’t help but agree. No matter how much I don’t like being ‘mainstream’, some facts just can’t be denied. I have no idea what Gil really does, up till now. But I love his hair. Black hair and hat? So mysterious and cool. The part when all the girls in Ada’s school crowded around him was funny too. And you have to watch ALL the scenes where he fights with Alice over Oz XD

Vincent Nightray. I hate everything about him; his personality, his voice, his hair, his womanising-ness; his clothes, his name, his room, his hobby (cutting toys), his hatred for my poor Alice, his dishonesty, his love for Gil (don’t take him from Oz!), etc except his eyes. I mean, they’re the same as my husband’s! How could I resist them?!

Leo & Elliot. Leo annoys me. Just accept Oz’s friendship will you?! And his hair. What’s with it sticking out? Plus, his unreasonable dislike towards Gil. Elliot is so much more level-headed.

Echo. She’s such a pretty and sweet girl, just like Tsukumo (Karneval). Too bad she gets taken over by the Vincent-obsessed Noise. Ew. Echo’s really cute and it was so funny when she told Oz how irritated she was with Vincent. Making her do weird stuff? Check.

Cheshire cat. My favourite character because I love cats. He’s really so cute and loyal and noble. Giving up his precious human form for the Intention. Too bad he died 😦 Break, Y U NO spare him?
br />
Break & Sharon. Everyone loves Break, including me. Dat clown. Sharon? Not so much. She’s pretty useless some times. And his theme song, Truth, amazing!

Intention. I’ve nothing much about her since I haven’t read that much of the manga. Of course except psychotic eyeball plucker.

I can’t really remember any other (important) characters. I started reading he manga, but some times it’s really very confusing and I always forget what I read the day before. So now I’m not anywhere near the end, and I can’t say which characters do major or weird things in the whole manga. I totally didn’t make sense there, did I? Teehee.


P.S. KnB 230 should’ve come out I’m gonna read it now (that’s why my last paragraph is so rushed and weird)

P.P.S. Do you like the new IOS 7.0? :s I don’t and I’m not gonna update mine until absolutely necessary ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ (I’ve become obsessed with these emot

P.P.P.S. The butter cake is my second try, adapted, less sweet, more buttery, more delicious. And really took only about 1 1/4 hrs + 45 mins baking time

Ouran Highschool Host Club

I feel like blogging about this one so deal with it. I know it’s really old and all but I recently started rewatching it (kind of because I stopped halfway long time ago). So, the story of why I rewatched this. *clears throat* I was watching Deadman Wonderland (on episode 8 if you’re that interested O_o) and it’s really creepy okay. I think they incorporated parts of Saw into this (freaky much), so I wanted to see whether this anime is considered freaky by people and went to search freaky animes on google. Just ‘freaky animes’. And this person said something about some mangas, so I researched them, went to images and got quite a shock. You see, I’m a christian so I don’t watch horror movies (I’ve never watched one before) and the pictures were just so disturbing. The mangas were by the same author and one’s about spirals(?) and the other’s about a regenerating woman? But anyway, the mistake I made was searching for it at night.

Searching for freaky animes at night.

I was in hot soup alright. So, in order to get rid of my temporary fear, I wanted to watch a funny, lighthearted anime. And ouran came to mind. So moving on to the show,

I give it a 4/5. I’m very harsh with ratings (especially on people kekeke…) so this is considered quite good. I really like the characters, mainly the twins, and the show is really very hilarious. Some shows you do that fake laugh but this one is straight out pfft you bahaha stu ahaha pid moron hahahahha. The thing is, I really want the anime to include some stuff in the manga like more hikaru x haruhi moments. I completely don’t ship Tamaki x Haruhi, it’s one of the reasons I stopped watching… I feel like Hikaru kind of deserves her more, and didn’t ever FAMILYZONE her hahaahaha. When Tamaki (in the manga) was like ‘if I don’t love her as a daughter then why do I have a soft spot for her in my heart?’ I wanted to cry laughing. He is really an idiot. Everyone else was just like, you know those lines, that you can’t express in words. My most favourite part was when he kissed her forehead and was like ‘I’m your father so it’s okay’ XD

Enough about Tamaki, let’s get on to the other characters. I love Haruhi because she isn’t like all the other girls who will blush from the beginning, and that she really is study orientated not a fake nerd that actually likes every single guy that appears (ie wattpad girlss -.-) I also like the fact that in the anime, they don’t realise their love so Haruhi is just really cool and can control the guys. Don’t you? I’m slightly feministic so I just love it when girls don’t fall to boys’ feet like some useless trash. Not directing to the other ouran girls at all. (After all, if I were them, I wouldn’t be able to resist the brotherly love either! That’s right, not Tamaki, but the twins XD) oh and let’s not forget the ootoro. Her naivety and innocence is just so irresistably adorable!!!

Now let’s talk about the twins. I’m telling you, I like them so much because they resemble Akashi a lot. The vertical pupils, red hair (or at least a shade of it) and intimidating aura. Except that they have a cheeky side too so that’s totally cool. So I’m really sad for Hikaru about his loss, but at the same time I’m glad because he’s single. But then I get upset that he may marry some other woman. It’s really indescribable. Maybe it’s ‘cuz I can sympathise with his broken heart?

20130918-211504.jpgTHE Haruhi x twins FEELS!!! So sad 😥 Episode 3 (i think) the cookie scene was what set me off. Had they not done that, I would forever have viewed them as the twincest twins. As a side note, I’m still angry at Tamaki for making Haruhi wear a hoodie thing over her swimsuit in a particular episode!!

Kyouya. The boss. The scary smart money faced boss. Or should I say mafia boss.. Don’t believe me? Think again Either way, I’m not a big fan of his because he ‘only does stuff for merits’ which means that if he talks to you, you should be worried and start keeping a 200m distance from him. Or have your family name used. Whatever floats your boat.

Honey-senpai and Mori-senpai. (Seriously it feels weird not typing senpai) I like how Mori-senpai is so clear headed and never complains, and also that he carried Haruhi in said swimsuit episode. He’s really funny too, like how he only does stuff to follow Honey-senpai. And to even think he treats Honey-senpai like that! Haha! Honey-senpai on the other hand is really very adorable. I found him kind of annoying at first but it’s really funny how he joined the host club; considering cake eating his heart’s desire.

I actually made this blog solely to express my views about this anime/manga but now I can’t remember anything else I wanted to write about.

Good night already!
~akashi’s neko

P.S. Just to prove my point that ouran is hilarious, click here.