Okay, I think I’ve gone missing for quite a while now =w= It’s really just because I kind of stopped watching anime for a while. You see, I want to read Beelzebub’s manga but it’s so long and I feel too lazy to actually get to reading it. And since I’m the sort who HAS to finish something before I start something else I haven’t even involved myself in anything related to anime until recently (AFA).

I decided not to read the manga and just start watching again. I actually already started on the Kuroko no Basuke post but since there are so many characters, it just doesn’t seem to end! Lazy writers like me just give up halfway…. So today I’m not gonna do a new post until I finish watching Baka to test. After that, I’ll watch Chuunibyo and Noucome and post all the funny Beelzebub moments (still collating them because there are just that many).

Ahem. Sorry I’ve been gone for so long. Don’t get me wrong, everyday I feel guilty and think I should update my blog. If it was not 2.18 am at night, that is. Right now, I’m playing Harvest Moon Island of Happiness (yes, on the DS, how lame could I possibly get?!) and can’t decide whether I should marry Shea or Pierre in my second save file. In my first game (from 2009) I was extremely unsuccessful even though it’s the seventh year. I haven’t even unlocked girl farmers… That’s because I didn’t know the importance of farming. I’m also at 1 heart with Shea and with ninety percent of all the villagers. I got married to Mark since he’s ‘easy’ and don’t tell him, but I gave him weeds everyday and then he fell in love with me like that… lol.

This is my second game and I’m in my third year. I’ve unlocked all the bridges by my second and I’m at red heart with Vaughn, Shea and Pierre. I’m gonna marry Vaughn now but I don’t know which of the other two I should marry once I oversave my first save file. The line they both say at red heart is just too cute, I cannot. Anyway, I’m also at 10 hearts with Wada, meaning I unlocked the tower in my third year while I haven’t in my seven year first game. Okay, I’m gonna stop confusing you now and just get on with my post! *postpones pointless rants to another day*

I’m gonna write a fanfiction too and my name is (guess it)
akashiseijuurou. Yeah, creative right? I’ve always wanted to write a Wattpad story but never got around to it. This time, I’m actually gonna write one on the anime I love to the moon, Venus, Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, all the other planets and back (I obviously learnt the solar system, like totally). If you stalk my account, you’ll find all the nice KnB fanfics. Just sayin’.


P.S. anyone else not a fan of AkaKuro? I mean besides AkaMe, every other pairing is cute (mine is PERFECT I say, PERFECT) but AkaKuro is sooo overrated. I much prefer MuraAka sibce I like to see uke Akashi :3 AkaKuro is um, nice too… But, yeah. Too much fanfics makes it a lot less fun and plus shouldn’t it be KagaKuro? Ugh. No one understands me. Just to reward no one for reading to the end of this really dumb useless post that just wasted 7 minutes of my life, here’s a sexy ass photo of MuraAka

20131112-203738.jpg This one’s cute too

20131112-203805.jpg Have I converted everyone yet? No? Okay… *crawls into a hole, prints out the photo and hugs it till I die*

AFA POST FOR ANOTHER DAY!!!! I STILL REGRET NOT BUYING THE NAI AND GAREKI PILLOW! I should’ve at least found out the price.. I mean if it was only $20, then ;A; I was hoping I hadn’t written it down on my shopping list but I HAD!!!! Ugh why did I listen to my friend who said it wasn’t worth it? I should’ve listened to my heart!! I’m sure it’s gonna be 3 million times more expensive online now!!! And next year Karneval is gonna be even less popular than it already is (only Odex and one small booth sold Karneval stuff). I only managed to buy 5 badges (Tsukumo, Hirato, Nai, Gareki, Yogi). I wanted to buy the ezlink card sticker but since the design was the same as the badges I didn’t. Then later on they were sold out and I slapped my dumb ass self for not buying them BEFORE they sold out. Yeah, I love buying sold out stuff before they sell out. I bought all the mini Purrball badges except for the orange striped cat (which was sold out) and the other cute ones before they were ALL sold out fufufu… Laughing at everyone else’s misfortune. The sales people laughed when I said ‘all of them except that one’. They were a set but since one was sold out I only got 4… Or was it 5? Okay, enough blabbering. I said this was for another post but there I went……


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