Aoi Kunieda vs Hilda

Been watching Beelzebub lately and I like it a lot. It was sooooo funny in the first 20 or so episodes. Too bad it started getting serious when Tojo came in. So this post is mostly about all the pairings, mainly Oga ones.

What are your opinions? Aoi or Hilda. Hilda for me because I can’t stand Aoi. If Aoi was only the girl in the park with specs she would be one of my favourite (funny) characters. Too bad she’s not, and has that violent side. It’s annoying how she’s supposedly so strong but changes so much around Oga. Don’t fake with me, even her voice changes. That pisses me off so badly. As the ‘park’ girl, she’d only be a weak cute character and even if she blushes around Oga, we understand. Because she’s weak and cute. Hilda on the other hand is really cool and she doesn’t put on an act around Oga. Plus, she’s kind of raising Beel with him so she’s like the original wife, and Aoi’s the jealous girl. Aoi irritates me the most when she keeps hanging around Oga. Does she seriously have to butt her nose into everything that involves Oga?! And she even got a demon?! Give it up, girl.

The other pairing that bothers me a lot is Furuichi and Alaindelon. Sure it’s hilarious but some times I think Furuichi should get a chance with the girls. There has to be some give and take you see, Furuichi shouldn’t only be the ‘dustbin’ side character. He likes girls so he should get a chance. Plus he’s one of my favourites because it never gets old seeing him act cool in front of Angelica. (Remember that episode? Bahahahahaha) Now we all know how awkward it actually is when characters do that hand over eyes thingy. Not saying that I hate the pairing because it’s what gives me the laughs 99% of the time.

My favourite pairing of all time is Yuka and Kanzaki. Yuka is really tomboy-ish despite the flower in her hair and she’s all our favourite characters. Kanzaki and her have this thing going on like how they met during the fight between Tojo and four eyes (I’m really bad with names. I only know the others because of wikipedia) Kanzaki is one of the funniest characters because I don’t know, but the whole delinquent theme of the show makes me ROFL. The way he speaks too.. So Yuka and Kanzaki are super cute side characters together and I don’t particularly want them to get married and have babies but they should stay as violent best friends. Or something.


Okay, the real review will start soon. I just couldn’t abandon this beautiful blog.



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