Shingeki no kyojin

Shingeki no kyojin. The first thing that comes to your mind will either be ‘Oh, that mainstream anime that I still haven’t made time to watch’ or ‘THAT AWESOME SHOW?! Why did it end?!’ I’m on the same page as the first option people.

I am a person with a positive outlook on life (no, I’m just being sarcastic) so while being bored out of my skull while waiting for oral at school, I was watching anime. Of course when I wasn’t complaining as though somebody cut my queue or something. I downloaded a couple of episodes of Death Note (I still haven’t completed it), Shingeki no kyojin and thought ‘This is gonna be a great fun day where I spend all my time watching cool gripping shows. I’ll even forget about the lack of a fan system’. Buuuuuut, reality is never the same as what you think. Already tired and not wanting a heavy draggy anime at the moment, I stopped watching DN. It was getting kind of boring and filler-y. So I obviously thanked the heavens that I download SNK so at least I’d have something to do.

But no. SNK’s first episode was being a total b**** to me. Even after taking forever to download, it was not HD. Awesome right? Blur images, just what I want when I’m sleepy and bored (and kind of blind). Then, the wonderful video decided to give me the chance to stare at Misaka or Mikasa for like 3 minutes. I don’t even know what happened but whenever I paused… Mikasa. I have yet to find out what section of the show she even came from. So I just went back all the way to the front and waited five WHOLE minutes for it to go back to where Mikasa appeared/where the video stopped. But I suddenly had to switch off my phone completely. Opening it up again, Mikasa. And so I went back to the front and when I finally got to my point, I got a show for 48 seconds then…. You get the gist. So since I was already rather frustrated, bored, sleepy and getting a headache from watching in a bus, I really didn’t wanna watch SNK anymore.

The end.

Just kidding, I gotta tell you how the first episode was right? Besides that it hanged every time I paused or scanned forward (I HAD TO WATCH THE OPENING TWICE. Anyone who watches anime understands my pain, considering that I didn’t have my earphones on). So the first episode started off with Mikasa talking ’bout the day they won’t forget and some people fighting for mankind or something, then the stupid opening I couldn’t skip, then Eren’s nightmare or daymare or treeshademare. Mikasa appeared (as in properly, not when my show hangs) and obviously asks Eren what’s wrong. They talk about his mare and go off into the city(?) At the city, they’re still talking about Eren crying and some drunkard comes up. Drunkard talks about the titans not breaking in and they have nothing to worry about, and our already interesting protagonist starts getting angry and blah. I kind of forgot everything already and who remembers stuff they did when they wanted to sleep anyway??? Okay that’s where the whole show hanged forever and I gave up watching.

The first episode. I’m a really persevering person so I decided to watch the second episode since it wouldn’t hang and y’know. But because I didn’t know which one the second episode was, I just clicked a random one. I may have watched episode 3 instead, who knows? Anyway, everyone there was wearing the SNK uniform and getting yelled at by a vulgar guy. This poor girl eating a potato got punished. Surprisingly our protagonist didn’t get picked on so yay. Ends off with the punished girl carrying out her punishment, then the dreaded opening.. Aaaaand, it hanged.

I don’t want to continue SNK at all unless it’s really very good. As I’ve said in DN, I really want a gripping anime that makes me want to watch it. Otherwise a light-hearted one which SNK obviously is not. So if I ever do end up continuing this popular series, I’ll tell y’all, but for now, I’m not even gonna try. It’s way too tiring to watch a hanging show. My exams just ended, no more stressful things please.



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