Death note

I can’t believe I’m actually getting into this whole blogging thing! Right now, I feel like Natsume XD I’m watching Death Note right now and I think it’s rather interesting. I’ve been feeling slightly bored these days since I just finished all the ‘good’ animes. I didn’t enjoy Magi at all (another time) and I think I’m suffering from the true PAWS, maybe even Post-Anime Withdrawal Depression. I’ve been feeling like there’s no point in life and that I’m just living an empty life. I can’t describe it, but it may also be because I lost my passion for all my likes. I’ve also been unable to find an interesting anime that really pulls me in. There are no longer any animes that I’ve been really wanting to watch (I’ve been wanting to try TnKK for quite a while) because I finished them all already.

Anyway, Death Note is actually seeming attractive to me because Light and I both are feeling like there’s nothing to this world. L is also pretty interesting ever since I saw that he sits strangely. Many interesting characters. Ryuk too is amusing since he likes apples so much. He doesn’t seem like an evil person either which is good ‘cuz he’s kind of scary looking. Light is a smart person too, making these mysteries extremely appealing. I’ve already said before that I’m a curious person so interesting shows really can’t be resisted. I’m sorry if this post is crazy messy because I’m watching Death Note at the same time as this, hehe.

This is kind of just a rant post since I’ve barely even started watching Death Note. Will do another post if I feel like once I’m done. Blogging is really so fun! It’s amazing to be able to talk about your own feelings towards an anime. Even if I ever feel like life has no meaning I still have a blog to update. You should really make one, reader!

So anyway, regarding DN, Ryuk is probably the most funny character. Light is way too uptight and full of ‘justice’, and he’s just a kid, what could he possibly know about becoming God? And he even tried to kill the fake L which is plain stupid since that isn’t really L. Ryuk is interested in the human world because he’s bored. He’s just there and laughing at all us human’s stupidity. He also gets creeped out by Light’s stalker, and for some reason I found that scene really funny. He was like trying to reiterate so many times that he wasn’t doing it for “Kira’s” sake, but because as a roommate, he was getting the creeps. Ryuk is very much like a human. A weird looking, invisible human. I don’t know much about L yet so I won’t say anything about him.

What I’m not happy about is that there are 37 episodes for me to watch. I’m so used to 13 episode shows that this one feels really draggy. I hope it’s as interesting as KnB or Kuroshitsuji or ZnT to keep me ‘in’.


P.S. If there are any nice animes, please recommend them to me.

P.P.S. I’ll probably delete this later on and redo it since it’s so messy. I totally suck at multitasking.


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